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Buy Accessories For Gourmesso Capsules: Nespresso Cups

Coffee specialties taste even better with the shapely, matching Nespresso cups! Similar to wine glasses, the respective Nespresso cups are designed for their special purpose. The aroma of specialty coffees can seem to develop best. Not only for enjoyment, the stylish Nespresso cups are recommended to every coffee lover, but also because of the more than attractive appearance. Drink not only your favorite café your espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato authentic, but also at home.

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Mugs, Mugs, Cups - Which models are available?

The Nespresso cups of the Pixie Collection are offered in different sizes, designs and colors. You can choose between: PIXIE Roma Espresso Cups, PIXIE Vivalto Lungo Cups, PIXIE Dulsão Espresso Cups, PIXIE Lungo Cups Bukeela, PIXIE Decaffeinato Lungo Cups, PIXIE Livanto Espresso Cups, PIXIE Decaffeinato Intenso Cups, PIXIE Kazaar Espresso cups, PIXIE Arpeggio espresso cups, PIXIE Livanto espresso cups and PIXIE Fortissio Lungo cups. With so much choice, it's important to compare! Read reviews, get advice and find your favorite design. The Nespresso cups of the Pixie Collection are double-walled and made of stainless steel. They are sold in a double pack, including 2 matching stirrers, made of stainless steel. The espresso cups hold 80 ml and the Lungo cups 160 ml. The cup variants are available in metallic red, blue, green, champagne, dark brown, mocha and beige. The uniformly designed espresso and Lungo cups look particularly appealing when combined in several different colors. The double-walled stainless steel design prevents a quick cooling of the coffee.

CitiZ Travel Mug

From the CitiZ Travel Mug you can enjoy your coffee on the go. The grooved stainless steel thermo mug provides a convenient coffee-to-go solution. Your coffee beverage stays hot for a long time thanks to thermo technology.

Glass Collection

The Nespresso cups of the Glass Collection were specially designed by the well-known designer Antoine Cahen. You can choose from Espresso cups (80 ml), Lungo cups (150 ml) and Cappuccino cups (170 ml). The Nespresso cups are made of tempered glass and come with a matching saucer made of synthetic resin or melamine. Depending on the product selection, the saucers are sold in black and anthracite / gray or with colored bottom (red, yellow, green, blue) in a combination package with two espresso cups with two Lungo cups. Particularly noteworthy is the transparent view of the Nespresso cups, which allows an unobstructed view of your coffee.

Ritual Collection

The Nespresso cups of the Ritual Collection are made of the finest white porcelain. The outer bottom of the cups is provided with a beige-brown border, which fits exactly in the hollow of the saucer, which also has a same-colored edge in the cup tray. These fine color highlights give the Nespresso cups of the Ritual Collection their special touch. Espresso cups (80 ml), Lungo cups (170 ml), Ristretto cups (60 ml), Ritual mugs (270 ml, without saucers), Ritual recipe glasses (made of glass, 350 ml) with matching stainless steel spoons are available. The Ritual Collection Nespresso cups can be easily combined with the Nespresso cups of the other series. The simple white porcelain cups are in the right light on every table.

Combi packs and individual parts

Not all Nespresso cups are offered in the combination pack. You can customize your personal selection of shapes, colors and model series as you wish. Not infrequently, the right teaspoons in a series are combined directly and offered together with the cups. If necessary, you can also buy the respective teaspoons of a series separately. Therefore, take a look at all available options before making a purchase decision. So you can then individually put together your desired cup models. The design of the various series made of stainless steel, glass and porcelain fits together. You do not have to compromise on the selection, if you like different series and collections, then you can easily combine them. All Nespresso collections are stylishly designed to enhance the enjoyment of a serene cup of coffee. Choose the cups that suit your needs and personal style, whether you want to enjoy your coffee alone or with friends, with the stylish Nespresso cups you're always right.

Other Coffee Accessories

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