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Machines For Gourmesso Coffee Capsules: Nespresso®* Citiz vs Nespresso®* Pixie in Comparison

Comparing Nespresso®* Citiz and Nespresso®* Pixie – Overview

Gourmesso compares: Looking at the many different coffee capsule machines, many consumers find it difficult to identify significant differences. In fact, machines of the same price range often have a lot in common. However, there are significant differences that you should consider before making a purchase decision. A good example of this is the Nespresso®* Citiz and Pixie machines. In this article you will find a Nespresso®* Citiz and Nespresso®* Pixie comparison that can assist you in your search for the best machine for your needs.

Nespresso machines for Compatible capsules_Gourmesso

Comparing Nespresso®* Citiz and Nespresso®* Pixie – The Nespresso®* Citiz

The Nespresso®* Citiz is advertised as a successful blend of retro design and high-tech. With its compact dimensions of 5.1 x 10.9 x 14 in. and its 7.7 lbs., it fits in any environment. The Citiz offers plenty of space for larger cups and glasses thanks to a fold-up drip tray. The 33.8 oz. water tank is removable and easy to clean. A big advantage of the Nespresso®* Citiz is the automatic shutdown feature, which automatically switches off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity, thus saving energy. Enjoy your coffee without long waits, because the Citiz is ready in 25 seconds.

Comparing Nespresso®* Citiz and Nespresso®* Pixie – The Nespresso®* Pixie

If the Nespresso®* Citiz does not meet your expectations and needs, the Nespresso®* Pixie may be able to convince you. The Pixie has innovative and advanced design elements that make it stand out from the crowd of competitors. With a weight of only 6.6 lbs. and a size of only 4.4 x 12.8 x 9.3 in., the Pixie is very easy to carry. The Pixie can collect up to 11 spent capsules, which saves too much cleaning. In addition, the model has a shutdown after 9 minutes of inactivity. This can be extended to 30 minutes as needed. The Nespresso®* Pixie is ready to use in just 25 seconds. In addition to its speed, the Pixie offers even more advantages: it is ergonomic, environmentally friendly and offers enough space for a variety of cup sizes.

Comparing Nespresso®* Citiz and Nespresso®* Pixie – The Nespresso®* brand

The commercially available Nespresso®* machines have something for every character and purpose. Whether you're looking for a new coffee machine for your home, a casual coffee machine, or an efficient coffee maker for your office and colleagues, Nespresso®* offers machines for every occasion and every need. As the owner of a Nespresso®* coffee machine you should pay attention to the regular descaling of your machine. Depending on the usage, you should descale the machine every 3 months with frequent use. If you rarely use your machine, descaling after about 300 capsules is sufficient. The Nespresso®* decalcifier kit consists of a lactic acid solution that prevents limescale deposits. Lime deposits can permanently damage your machine.

Nespresso®* Citiz Test Vs. Nespresso®* Pixie Machines under Review

You can find the individual Nespresso®* machine tests here:

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