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Machines For Gourmesso Coffee Capsules: Nespresso®* Essenza vs Nespresso®* Maestria in Comparison

Nespresso®* Maestria Test vs. Nespresso®* Essenza Test

Finding the right machine for your Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules from Gourmesso is not all that easy. With the large selection of espresso machines you are quickly overwhelmed as a customer. Therefore, you should limit yourself to a few criteria that are crucial to you and compare them in a direct comparison. So you can quickly and accurately find the perfect model for your needs!

Nespresso®* Essenza Test Vs. Nespresso®* Maestria test - basic differences

To best compare two products, it is more effective to emphasize differences rather than similarities. The Nespresso®* Essenza corresponds to the style of a Swiss espresso machine, while the Nespresso®* Maestria looks more like a professional Italian Barista machine. Swiss precision vs. Italian perfection - the decision is a matter of personal taste and price. The shape of the Nespresso®* Essenza is reminiscent of a radio in a retro design, the Maestria visually adds to the dreamy setting of the bar of an Italian café. Already with the design it depends entirely on your personal taste. The Maestria is available in the colors red, black and cream. The Nespresso®* Essenza is made by both Krups and DeLonghi. The latter is available in the colors red, silver and black. The Krups variant can be found in taupe, gray and black. The size of the water tank determines how many cups of espresso you can make with a filling. The Essenza was designed for classic espresso. Accordingly, the water tank holds 0.9l. However, the Maestria creates a few more cups with its 1.4 liter water tank.


Of course, a direct comparison between the Nespresso®* Essenza and the Nespresso®* Maestria has many similarities. Both are thanks to 19 bar pump pressure suitable to prepare high quality espresso. This guarantees the maximum development of flavors so that you can enjoy first-class espresso in your own home without sacrificing good quality. Both machines use the Nespresso®* patented thermoblock heating process, which guarantees the perfect temperature for every cup of coffee. Essenza and Maestria have a removable water tank and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. The housing can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Maestria has significantly more pro points than the Essenza. The steam tap and the automatic shutdown are only two of the previously mentioned. In addition, the Nespresso®* Maestria shines through a programmable coffee quantity setting. It can also be adjusted to soft, medium or hard water to suit the conditions. The Nespresso®* Maestria consists of a high-quality aluminum housing and has an integrated decalcification alarm. The dimensions of the Nespresso®* Maestria are: 19.3 x 47 x 35.2 cm at 5.3 kg. The Nespresso®* Essenza is generally more compact. The buttons of the Essenza are also equipped with a backlight, so that operation in a dimly lit environment is possible. The disadvantages of each model can also be interpreted as advantages depending on the perspective. The high price of the Nespresso®* Maestria is an investment in quality. The small water tank of Essenza perfect for single households. The only real drawback is the missing milk frother of Essenza. This must be purchased separately. It is not surprising that the small Nespresso®* Essenza with its simple features is cheaper than the Nespresso®* Maestria. The Essenza can not be ordered directly from the Nespresso®* online store, but must be purchased through third parties. The cost is around $149. The Maestria, however, costs from $549. The exclusive features, the integrated steam tap, the ability to use different cup sizes and the generally high-quality workmanship, is responsible for the high price difference. If you are looking for a cheap espresso machine, we recommend the Essenza.

Which machine is right for you?

In summary, both machines are of high quality and are an asset to your home. Your decision should take into account not only price and taste but also personal needs and wishes. If you want a high-quality machine with milk frother and additional technical refinements, then choose the Nespresso®* Maestria. If you are looking for an affordable solution for daily espresso enjoyment, invest in the Nespresso®* Essenza. Gourmesso coffee capsules are compatible with both machines and up to 35% cheaper than the original.

Nespresso machines for Compatible capsules_Gourmesso

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