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Aeropress Coffee Brewing Instructions

5 Minutes to the Perfect AeroPress® Coffee

One of the greatest methods to brew coffeehouse-quality coffee at home is by using the AeroPress coffee press. The AeroPress makes it incredibly easy to make the rich, perfectly balanced cup of espresso. There are countless varieties of drinks that can be made using this concentrated brew as a base such as Americano, Latte, Cappuccinos, Macchiato, and Mocha. The AeroPress produces a brew that is as aromatic and flavorful as one produced by machines that cost hundreds or even thousands more than the AeroPress that retails for around thirty dollars. The AeroPress is so small and lightweight, it is also the ideal brewing method for use while traveling.

Aeropress Brewing Small and easy to use. Photo: Yara Tucek

The AeroPress uses a method similar to a French Press, putting hot water in contact with fresh grounds, allowing the grounds to steep, and then passing the brew through a filter prior to serving. The AeroPress adds one key element to this process: pressurization that occurs in expensive espresso machines. The combination of these two highly effective and time-tested technologies makes the AeroPress the best choice for home brewers that demand a consistent, rich and smooth brew.

Follow these seven AeroPress instructions to see just how easy it is to make the best brew possible:

1. Heat Water

Heating water will likely be the most time-consuming step, so begin it first. The method for heating water is not important, whether you use an electric kettle, a stovetop tea pot, a carafe in the microwave, or any other method. The two most important factors for preparing the water are water quality and temperature. Water quality can have a huge impact on the flavor of your final product, it is important not to overlook this aspect. AeroPress advises that the water be heated to 175° Fahrenheit (80° Celsius). Note this is quite a bit lower than the boiling point of water (212°F), so you will need a thermometer and some patience to finding a method that works for you to get the ideal water temperature.

2. Prepare and Install the Filter

Take one of the filters out of its packaging and rinse it well using tap water. It is important to rinse and wet the filter prior to using because it will help the brew flow freely without sticking and will help keep the filter in place during the brewing process. When the filter is ready, place it firmly into the bottom of the filter cap. Next, take the filter cap with filter in place and twist it onto the brewing chamber.

3. Grind, Measure, and Add Coffee to the Chamber

Grinding coffee beans at home is an optional step, as you can purchase pre-ground coffee at any coffee retailer. The benefits of grinding at home are that freshly ground beans have more flavor and you have control over how fine the grind is. Aim for a grind somewhere between espresso (very fine) and drip (medium grind) and adjust from there. The AeroPress comes with a scoop for measuring the appropriate amount of ground coffee to add to the brewing chamber. Two full scoops per 16 ounces of water is the amount recommended by the manufacturer, but adjust according to your individual preference. There are also new options coming to the market of pre-apportioned capsules that are designed to fit into the AeroPress filter cap. These capsules combine the filter, pre-ground coffee, and optional flavors.

4. Add Water and Blend

Next, place AeroPress on your mug and begin adding water. When adding water to ground coffee, it is important to stir the hot water and coffee mixture. Stir gently as you gradually add coffee and water. Whether using freshly ground coffee, pre-ground coffee, or the capsules, you should experiment with all the options to find the blend the tastes best to you.

5. Press

Next, align the plunger with the top of the chamber and slowly begin to force the plunger downwards toward the coffee. This will be similar to the mechanics of a French Press. Press the plunger until it compresses the coffee grounds or reaches the capsule.

6. Remove the AeroPress and Add Water

Lift the AeroPress off of your mug. The results of the press will be a highly concentrated brew that is not at all bitter. Because of the strength of the brew, it is advisable to dilute it prior to drinking. You can use the entire remaining hot water, a lesser amount, milk, or steamed milk.

The AeroPress is a top-notch method for brewing delicious, smooth, coffee in minutes. Take care to follow these AeroPress instructions and you will have an excellent brewing experience. Experiment with water temperature, coffee grinding, water amount, and additives to determine what blend matches your palate preferences.

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