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Caramel Coffee Glazed Nutella Donuts Recipe

Photos and original recipe by Karrie (tastyeverafter.com/caramel-coffee-glazed-nutella-donuts/) Enchant your senses with delicious Nutella Donuts, decorated with aromatic caramel coffee glaze.. Sweeten up your breakfast with a combination of coffee and nutella donuts covered with a divine caramel coffee glaze. Designed with two types of chocolate and coffee, they are perfect for [...]

Espresso Coffee and Matcha Ice Cream Float Recipe

Photos and original recipe by Maggie (omnivorescookbook.com/espresso-matcha-ice-cream-float/) In this dessert, the coffee replaces the soda and allies with the green tea. The ice cream float, is initially an American dessert drink, prepared from ice cream and soda. Today, Gourmesso offers a variant based on ice cream with matcha tea and espresso. [...]

Homemade Peppermint Mocha Affogato Recipe

Photos and original recipe by Jennifer (jennifercooks.com/peppermint-mocha-affogato/) This Affogato will conquer your taste buds in a blink of an eye! Spring has not yet arrived, and we are already preparing for summer ... Have you heard of affogato? It is an Italian dessert, a little two in one, because it mixes [...]

Mum’s Biscuit Cake Recipe with Coffee & Chocolate

Photos and original recipe by John Bek (heneedsfood.com/2016/05/mums-biscuit-cake-coffee-chocolate/) Rediscover the classical recipe: Delicious coffee and chocolate biscuit cake. The Coffee and Chocolate Biscuit Cake, is a real classic! If the original recipe is also eaten by children, this variant is rather something for the adults. The delicious coffee aroma [...]

How to make a delicious Coconut Latte Macchiato

Exciting alternative: The homemade Coconut Latte Macchiato. The homemade coconut latte macchiato is the optimal and at the same time delicious alternative dessert. With this variant you will experience an extraordinary taste and bring a variety into your everyday life! Fun-Fact: The coconut can bring in a variety of benefits to ourselves [...]

Tiramisu Coffee in a Glass Recipe: Italian dessert speciality

Italian dessert specialty: Coffee Tiramisu in a Glass. Tiramisu is one of the most popular desserts! Enjoy the most famous Italian dessert in a glass with delicious mascarpone and a rich coffee aroma. The portions in the glass are not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher for your guests.. Fun-Fact: [...]

Coffee-Chocolate Dessert Recipe with Cinnamon

Delicious classic dessert – Enchant your guests with a sweet Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee Cake Do you want to offer your guests a classic experience and at the same time a  special dessert for a particular occasion? don’t go any further, this chocolate cinnamon cake recipe is excellent. Refined with a hint of cinnamon, this [...]

How to make a delicious Mocha Coffee Cake

This mind boggling Mocha Coffee Cake will make you crave for more. If you want to offer your guests a special treat for a dessert or coffee, the best ide would be to offer them this divine cake. The juicy coffee and mocha cake with an aromatic espresso, a bit of cocoa [...]

Vegan Walnut Coffee Cake Recipe

Photos and original recipe by Zita Nagy (ziziadventures.com/2017/01/vegan-walnut-coffee-cake.html) Vegan Walnut Cake combined with an aromatic coffee from Gourmesso. Yes, we are nuts for this cake! A combinaton of walnuts with sweet bananas and the aroma of delicious coffee. This stunning vegan walnut cake is a real palate, not just [...]

Coffee and Walnut Cake Recipe

Welcome to our feast! A recipe for a stunning Walnut Coffee Cake. This delicious and yet very simple recipe is a ideal for back-novices, who nevertheless want to make a wonderfully fresh and juicy vegan walnut cake, with a light coffee aroma. The cake is perfect for a sweet dessert and can [...]