Blended iced coffee recipe

Blended Iced Coffee: the perfect summer refreshment. Photo: Frédéric Bisson

This recipe could not be easier. You can enjoy a blended iced coffee in less than five minutes.

What you’ll need

‌• 2 shots of Gourmesso espresso
‌• 1 cup milk
‌• ½ tsp. of Vanilla Extract
‌• 4 tsps. hazelnut spread
‌• 4 tsps. of sugar
‌• ice


‌• whipped cream
‌• chocolate syrup
‌• cocoa powder


Step One

Put everything, except the garnishes, in a blender and blend until smooth.

Step Two

Before pouring your drink, add some chocolate syrup to the cup.

Step Three

Add whipped cream and some cocoa powder on top.

Step Four

Drink up!