Caramel Sauce for Caramel Iced coffee

Do you care for caramel? Photo: Personal Creations

Can you not live without your daily dose of caramel? Gourmesso is here to help. Try our delicious caramel iced coffee recipe and enjoy the taste of summer!


‌• 2 shots of Soffio Caramello
‌• 1 cup of milk
‌• 2 tbs. of vanilla syrup
‌• caramel sauce
‌• ice

You can actually make the vanilla syrup yourself. All you need is 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. Mix the two and boil them until the sugar has dissolved completely. Stir periodically. Eventually add some vanilla, and let the mixture cool off.


Step One

Add vanilla syrup to the bottom of your glass.

Step Two

Add milk to the glass.

Step Three

Fill the glass with ice.

Step Four

Brew your favorite espresso, and pour it into the glass.

Step Five

Top off your iced coffee with some caramel sauce.

Tip: If you want the taste of salted caramel, add a few sprinkles of sea salt to the caramel sauce.