Flavored Iced Coffee

What’s your favorite flavor? Photo: Jo

Flavored coffee has become increasingly popular over the years, particularly flavored iced coffee. It may have become your warm weather coffee choice or perhaps you enjoy it year round. Flavored coffee is what the majority of national chain coffee shops are selling. It’s rare that someone in line is ordering a plain cup of brew. Often mixed in are milk, flavoring, ice and sweetener. Every addition increases the price. Iced coffee drinks are well loved because of their sweet creamy taste and their refreshing effect any time of day. You may enjoy yours in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Flavored iced coffee is easy and very convenient to make in your kitchen for a fraction of the price a coffee shop would charge you and you don’t have to leave home to get it!

Flavored coffee can be made by either flavoring the beans themselves or adding flavor to already prepared coffee.

Flavored coffee beans are made by introducing flavor oils during the roasting process. Once the beans have cooled slightly the oils are added. If the beans are too hot it could destroy the flavor compounds. The oils can have flavor from natural or synthetic sources, or a combination of both. Because of coffee’s complex flavor profile, it can take a combination of over 70 flavor profiles to compliment it. Compare that to the process of complimenting food flavors that takes just a fraction of that -10 or less! When you grind and brew the beans, the flavor is extracted along with the coffee flavor.

Adding flavor to your unflavored brewed coffee is another way to get your favorite iced coffee flavor profile into your cup. If you ever wanted to try to make your own flavored iced coffee cup at home look for things you may already have in your kitchen or are easy to find at your local market. Ingredients like vanilla or almond extract, chocolate hazelnut spread, brown sugar, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, condensed milk or hazelnut syrup. You can even put all your ingredients into a blender with ice and make a frosty creamy delicious coffee drink for a fraction of the price of the coffee shop.

You can get a tremendous amount of variety making iced coffee at home when you make your own flavors. Once you start to get creative with all your homemade iced coffee recipes you will never be stuck in line at a coffee shop again.

If you are looking for inspiration to make a delicious flavored iced coffee, have look at our quick and easy recipes for Vanilla Iced Coffee , Hazelnut Iced Coffee , or Caramel Iced Coffee . Enjoy!