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Fun Facts About Coffee

Coffee is great for those longs nights and early mornings, but it seems that coffee has many more benefits than just that rush of caffeine. Here are ten fun facts about coffee you might want to know.

1 - The first webcam was created to supervise a coffee machine.

Have you ever made a trip to the office coffee pot, only to leave disappointed, because the pot was empty? In 1991, a camera was placed to face a coffee pot, by scientists at Cambridge University. This was to let them know if the pot had any coffee left and prevent them from having to make the trip if the coffee pot was empty.

2 - Coffee Might Help Drinkers Prevent Depression

If you have more than two or three cups of coffee, it might help to keep depression at bay. In a study done on over 50,000 women, it was found that those who consumed about 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day could decrease the risk of depression by 15%. Although, it has been decided this is not enough research to say this is certain.

3 - Coffee Wasn’t Always Consumed as a Beverage

Coffee hasn’t always been turned into the warm cozy drink you consumed today. It has been found that one of the first African tribes used to chew crushed berries mixed with some animal fat. The beans weren’t turned into a liquid until 1000 C.E. and it was turned into a wine at this point.

4 - The New York Stock Exchange Was Built in a Café;

Coffee shops aren’t just for first dates, or meeting up with friends. Opened in 1793, Tontine Coffee House is where the New York Stock Exchange began. It is a real coffee shop located on Wall Street. This coffee shop was frequently used by a group of stockbrokers as a meeting place. It was one of the busiest places for buying and selling stocks back in the day.

The NYC Stock Exchange started in a café. Even the famous New York Stock Exchange started in a little café. Photo: Simon Cunningham

5 - Coffee Doesn’t Dehydrate You

It was once thought that caffeine was a diuretic. This isn’t true though - unless drank in large quantities, which is usually more than two cups of coffees a day. Studies have shown that a person’s urine output does not change, whether they drink a beverage with caffeine, or something without caffeine. As long as you drink in moderation, this isn’t something to worry about.

6 - Coffee Is the Second Most Valuable Traded Commodity

Only second to oil, coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity in the entire world. With about 25 million farmers, located in over 50 different countries, it’s no surprise coffee is close to the top of the list. With many coffee “addicts” needing that caffeine rush to get them through the day, coffee isn’t likely to fall down the list any further in the next years.

7 - Coffee Contains Many Important Nutrients

Coffee isn’t just great for the boost of caffeine it can give you; it also has some valuable nutrients. These nutrients include 11% riboflavin, 6% vitamin B5, 3% Manganese, 3% Potassium, 2% Niacin, and 2% Magnesium. These nutrients are an important part of your diet and are needed to help your body function at its highest levels.

8 - There Are About 1400 Million Cups of Coffee Consumed Everyday

You read that right; there are about 1400 million cups of coffee consumed daily, throughout the whole world. It is world’s second most popular cup filler, only second to water. In America about 83% adults contribute to this number. Of this, the average adult coffee drinking in America drinks on average three cups a day.

9 - Coffee actually made from the seeds of the plant

Before it actually makes it to the coffee machine, the coffee bean goes through a whole process to get to you. It all starts with harvesting the fruit of the plant, called the coffee cherry, which is deep red. Once separated from the fruit, the beans are then brought through a drying and roasting process. Only then do you receive your precious coffee grounds that get you through a hard day.

10 - Iced coffee is more expensive to make

If you have ever wondered why those coffee shops feel the need to charge you more for iced coffee, it’s because they are more expensive to make. This is because they use up more resources. These resources include plastic cups and the need to double brew the coffee.

Coffee is easily one of the most popular beverages, found throughout the world. Whether you consume it for the taste, or the rush of caffeine, know you are one of millions. There are many interesting facts and health benefits to drinking this beverage. This was just a small list of things you might not have known.

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