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For the Love of Coffee: 5 Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’ve got a special someone in your life, you’re probably starting to wonder about Valentine's day gift ideas.

Do they love coffee? If the answer is yes, we at Gourmesso have 5 coffee-themed ideas to jumpstart your creativity and get your gift-giving mind running at full speed.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers A Cup of Coffee With a Dash of Love Photo: Mary Anne Morgan

1. Coffee Mug

Picking out the right Coffee Mug should start with figuring out if your loved one needs a new Mug at all. Does he or she have a promotional mug they found at some garage sale? Do they just use one of the mugs from the dining set?

There’s a world of online services out there ready create a personalized coffee mug of your own creation. Seeing images from your life together creates just the right mood a good Valentine’s Gift should go for.

2. Milk steamer

The only thing better than straight coffee or espresso is steamed milk to enrich the experience. While straight cold milk from the jug might dilute the taste of black coffee, true latte adds a sweet delicious flavor all its own.

Using a quality milk Steamer, you can get the same frothy, bubbling, rich and creamy taste as a latte or cappuccino from the favorite coffee shop you both spent many wonderful evenings at.
Unlike the barista behind the coffee bar, you don’t have the years of experience get the foam exactly how you want it, so make sure you’ve got a steamer that takes the hard part off your hands. So you can make the coffee, pour up the foam, and enjoy a wonderful moment together with the least amount of hassle on your part!

3. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Coffee Cake

If you’re planning on staying up late this Valentine’s Day, the best complement to a delicious cup of good, strong coffee is a suitably sweet treat.

While some Valentine's day gift ideas cost a lot, a rich chocolate cake is mostly an investment in time. And if your sweetheart appreciates homemade gifts, this cake is just the thing you both can enjoy together all evening long.

Instead of making your cake from scratch (because who has time for that?), here’s an easy way to turn boxed cake mix into an extravagant treat. This will make the cake you threw together taste like something you picked up from a bakery.

Start with a typical boxed cake mix from the grocery store. Follow the instructions on the box, with the following substitutions:

    • When the instructions say to add eggs, add 1 more egg than instructed
    • When the instructions say to add oil, use melted butter instead and use twice as much
    • When the instructions say to add water, use milk instead. And if you are making a chocolate cake, go ahead and add ½ of a cup of strong coffee to the mix as well.

Mix your new fortified batter together well, pour it into the pan and follow the rest of the directions for heating.

This cake will be a tasty delight for both of you. Still a little warm from the oven, combined with a pair of steaming coffee cups, it will add plenty of sweetness to whatever else you have planned for the evening.

4. Nespresso®* Machine

Ever since the first person discovered the miracle of coffee, human civilization has collectively worked for centuries to find the perfect preparation.

In our opinion, there is no better method developed than a cup of espresso from a Nespresso®* Machine. Using single-serving capsules, each cup is made fresh and almost instantly to you and your loved one’s exact specifications.

As your love of coffee grows together, you can each experience a rainbow of coffee blends and flavorings across the entire spectrum. The same favorites can be prepared to the same perfection every time, and new delights can be experienced on a cup-by-cup basis.

5. Gourmesso Coffee Subscription

If you already have the Nespresso®* machine, Gourmesso offers you even more options for coffee blends and flavors. All at a significant 30% discount from what you would pay ordering your coffee capsules directly from Nespresso®*!

And when you sign up for a Gourmesso subscription, you never have to go to the store again! The exact coffee you want arrives to your door, every month, no effort on your part.

Get the favorite blend you love, or try a world of coffees that can all be made using the same effortless methods.Just pop the capsule in and let your machine take care of the rest.

You’ve already decided this is the person you want to spend your future with, now’s the time to make the same commitment with your coffee.

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