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Gourmesso Capsules in the Nespresso®* Inissia

The New Machine

A few months ago Nespresso®* came out with a new machine called the Inissia. This machine is Nespresso's®* new light weight and compact model that is similar to the Pixie. The machine has a similar loading style to the other ones, and has a 24 oz. water tank.

And we're happy to say that Gourmesso capsules work perfectly in it!

Nespresso®* Inissia Features

This little machine packs quiet a punch, brewing an espresso in only about 10 seconds. Similar to the CitiZ, the Nespresso®* Inissia comes with the two programmed size options, offering the espresso and lungo button. The Nespresso®* Inissia also comes in a number of fun colors, which makes it slightly more modern (dare I say 'hip') compared to the other OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines.

While the Nespresso®* Inissia was originally intended for the company's markets outside the United States, you can still come across a few. And since it's a new machine, we though we would try our capsules in it.

We tested our capsules, a competitors capsules made of hard plastic, and the original Nespresso capsules. And with no surprise to us, our capsules work perfectly in the machine!

Watch and find out for yourself!


Do you have an Inissia machine? Have you tried our Gourmesso coffee capsules in it? We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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