Hazelnut Iced Coffee Recipe

Hazelnuts Photo: Divya Thakur

Do you love the taste of hazelnut? Try this easy hazelnut iced coffee recipe for a delicious summer refreshment.


‌• 1-2 shots of Soffio Nocciola
‌• 2 tbsp. chocolate sauce or melted chocolate
‌• 2 tbsp. hazelnut syrup
‌• Ice cubes


Step One

Brew the espresso and let it cool down.

Step Two

Mix the chilled espresso with hazelnut syrup, chocolate sauce.

Step Three

Fill a glass with ice.

Step Four

Pour the mix from step one over the ice.

Step Five

Enjoy your hazelnut iced coffee!

Tip: Brew extra Soffio Nocciola to make hazelnut-flavored coffee ice cubes. You won’t get any closer to hazelnut heaven than this.