Don’t underestimate the power of drinking coffee. From boosting your body’s metabolism, to marinating steak, this drink is packed with several benefits.

It’s now time for you to prepare a perfect homemade iced coffee without leaving the comfort of your home. It is very easy to make your own iced caffeinated beverage in your kitchen. There are various methods you can use to prepare a perfect homemade iced coffee at home. First of all you have to decided whether you want to use cold brewed coffee or hot brewed coffee.


Enjoy some homemade iced coffee! Photo: Christoffer Grann

Enjoy some homemade iced coffee! Photo: Christoffer Grann

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare a perfect homemade iced coffee, as well as save a substantial amount of your money and time:

Try Cold Brewed Coffee

#1 Brew it Cold:
When making your homemade iced coffee, brewing it cold will provide a sweet, tasty coffee. This can be done by combining one part coffee to 4.5 parts room-temperature water and sieving it in a large container. When preparing your homemade iced coffee using cold brew, you eliminate the chance of making bitter coffee. Nutritionists have accredited that iced coffee is 67% less acidic compared to those that are prepared hot.

#2 Steep and wait it out:
After adding water, you are advised to cover the large container and store it overnight in a cool place.

#3 Strain the coffee away:
After steeping your iced coffee overnight, decant the coffee into another container. You can separate the coffee grounds from the water by either French press or coffee filter. After removing all the grounds, the liquid left is your “sweet, full bodied, iced coffee concentrate.”

#4 Dilute the iced coffee:
The strained coffee is highly concentrated with caffeine, so you’ll have to dilute it with water. You can do this when mixing up that morning, afternoon or evening mug. Whatever time you want it, just mix one part of coffee with three part of water. Feel free to adjust the ratio depending on how strong or dilute you prefer it..

#5 Ice your coffee right:
You can prepare your own coffee ice cubes by pouring your leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and then freeze it overnight. This icing method keeps your coffee cool without heavily watering down the flavor.

#6 Sweeten your iced coffee smart:
If you are the type of person who likes a sweet taste in their coffee, then this is your chance to maximize your potential. There are very may ways of sweetening iced coffee, you can decide to try cinnamon, sugar, vanilla or almond extract for some exquisite flavor or try adding one of our delicious flavored espressos.

#8 Serve the iced coffee up!:
If you enjoy it cold, add a desired amount of ice into your coffee. As always, personalize your iced coffee with your preferred amount of milk and sugar!

Try Hot Brewed Coffee

#1 Brew it hot:
Brew your coffee the way you always do. We recommend to make it a little stronger than usual, since it will be watered-down by the ice. Therefore you should adjust the coffee to the amount of ice you will use.

#2 Decant your coffee:
You can now transfer your coffee into your preferred jar, carafe or any other container. Let the coffee cool down before moving it to the fridge.

#3 Serve the iced coffee up!:
Similar to cold brew coffee all you need to do is: fill the cold coffee into a glass, add milk, sugar and of course ice! Stir it and you are good to go. Enjoy!

Final Guidelines For Making A Delicious Homemade Iced Coffee

1) When brewing it cold, always remember to give it a good stir.

2) You can’t just brew hot coffee, and then pour it over ice, and call it iced coffee.

3) Always take the unused coffee and fill an ice cube tray, that way your next mug of the power drink won’t be diluted.

4) If you prefer sugar with your iced drink, always mix it before cooling for better blending; or you can also try to combine sugar and milk before including coffee into your mixture.

5) If you want to try out different aromatics on your coffee, try swapping sugar for vanilla, cinnamon or almond extract for a fantastic drink.

There are so many ways to prepare homemade iced coffee, some people may desire it strong, with a bitter flavor just like that of a diner style black coffee. Others prefer the sweet and creamy touch of added milk and sugar. Don’t be afraid to make it your own!

Throughout the entire summer Gourmesso will provide you with delicious, easy and interesting recipes for the perfect homemade iced coffee – stay tuned!