Start the summer with this special Mocha iced coffee recipe:
In this recipe, we use coffee ice cubes to keep the coffee cold while maintaining the intense flavor. The cubes will slowly melt into the milk. We also suggest adding cocoa powder to make your morning extra sweet!


‌• Espresso ice cubes (Bolivia Pura Mezzo )
‌• 6 oz milk
‌• 4 tsp cocoa powder


Step One

Brew enough of our delicious Bolivia Pura Mezzo to fill an ice cube tray. Let the coffee cool before pouring into the ice cube tray and putting it in the freezer.

The Bolivia Pura Mezzo features a subtle note of chocolate, making it a perfect brew for a mocha drink.

Step Two

Add cocoa powder to a glass and mix it with about 2oz of warm milk.

Step Three

Add your coffee ice cubes to the cocoa/milk. We suggest using six cubes for six ounces of coffee, but don’t hesitate to adjust based on the amount of coffee you want to taste.

Step Four

Last but not least, mix in the rest of the warm milk to help melt the coffee cubes.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this delicious treat!