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One Cup of Coffee a Day May Help You Day to Day

Coffee is perhaps the world’s most favorite drink today; America is assumed to consume millions of liters every day. This has driven coffee to have so many lovers is the drink’s ability to help you with your daily tasks.

A cup of coffee keeps us attentive

Coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine; this stimulant can keep you alert. Caffeine allows you to have quicker reflexes, and your mind reacts faster to all situations. Due to its properties, coffee is many people’s preferred the drink to help them tackle their busy work schedule. Coffee is very beneficial to our digestive systems; one cup of coffee a day after your meals will act as a digestive boost.

A cup of coffee may help to cope with a busy day at work Coffe keeps us attentive. Photo by Zach Beauvais

A cup of coffee stimulates the nervous system

Most of the things we consume have to be very well balanced to help the nervous system. Luckily, one cup of coffee a day helps to keep the nervous system in tip-top condition. Having one cup of coffee a day enables your nervous system to send the electrical impulses faster.

Studies have shown through MRI scans that, one cup of coffee a day stimulates short-term memory; this will explain why coffee is particularly popular with students. Students will have the ability to grasp knowledge quickly. The ability to enhance your short-term memory and attentiveness that comes to drinking coffee will result in creating the perfect student. You will be able to concentrate for long stretches with one cup of coffee a day.

A cup of coffee helps us to drive better

Drinking one cup of coffee a day, has the uncanny ability to help you focus better on one activity. Multitasking has always been hailed as an excellent trait, not so much when it comes to driving. Having one cup of coffee a day helps you to focus wholly on driving; the drink is particularly encouraged for long distance driving. You will remain sharp and attentive to your driving all the way. However, it is advisable that you take only one cup of coffee a day as you drive as excess consumption of coffee will lead to you feeling fatigued and sleepy.

A cup of coffee before sports

Sports have a no tolerant policy on doping, but luckily, coffee is not categorized in this category. Coffee gives you that extra ump before a sport. You may not realize this, but the brain is more involved in your performance in the sport than you would think. Once your mind is set that, it is not up for it, or little laps in self-confidence, your performance on the field reduce as well. Coffee stimulates your nerves and gives you an extra energy boost. The nervous stimulation allows your brain to be up for the physical challenge and automatically provides you with a confidence boost, you will, therefore, be able to perform better on the field one cup of coffee a day.

A cup of Coffee before sports might give you an extra boost NCY Marathon. Photo by CMRF Crumlin

Fats have a higher energy level than proteins, but the body does not readily digest fats, coffee stimulates the body to burn the fat giving you more energy to burn.

A cup of coffee reduces bad breath

Coffee has for far too long been thought to cause bad breath, a study at Tel Aviv University discovered that it does, in fact, reduces bad breath. Halitosis or bad breath is caused by bacteria accumulation on the back of the tongue. The acidic nature of coffee coupled with caffeine destroys this bacterium, leaving your mouth fresh.

A cup of coffee at work

It is advised to take one cup of coffee a day at work to help work more efficiently, especially if your job involves more of sitting. While you are seated, the body becomes docile, and the blood-flow reduces significantly. This creates a sleepy state and your alertness drops, coffee stimulates the body and keeps you attentive longer. Having one cup of coffee a day, is particularly popular with scientists who require a lot of attentiveness in their work.

Influence of a cup of coffee on men and women is different

Research at Bristol University concluded that caffeine has the ability to boost women’s performance at work and their confidence. For Men, on the other hand, coffee lead to accomplishing their tasks slower and less efficient. Nevertheless, one cup of coffee a day enables men to be just as effective in their duties as women.

Have your daily cup of coffee with Gourmesso and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above in addition to great taste and fantastic quality.

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