Chocolate Coffee Cake Recipe

“Gourmesso’s Chocolate" is surprisingly well mixed with the cocoa giving the chocolate cake an intense and delicious taste. For most people, chocolate is the best therapy out there. There isn’t a [...]

Almond Coffee Cake Recipe

A great moist and tender Almond Coffee Cake - Sweet but not too sweet with a lot of flavor and perfect for Coffee and Almond lovers. The following recipe is [...]

Hazelnut Coffee Cheesecake Pie Recipe

Combination of Ricotta cream and crispy hazelnut crust with a pleasant scent of Coffee - the Cake of happiness! A cake for each cup of coffee, a perfect dessert for [...]

Coffee Coconut Cake Recipe

Coconut being the all-round talent, this Coffee and Coconut Cake will blow you away. Coconuts are considered the Ferraris of the Fruit. They are suitable for almost every branch of industry, [...]

Vanilla Coffee Cake Recipe

Tasty combination of Vanilla pods, Coffee beans and Cake dough. Besides the fact that Vanilla is the queen of flavors, the all-round pod also stimulates our olfactory organ. We love our Vanilla in creams, [...]

Cherry Coffee Cake Recipe

Cherries, Coffee and Cake - a combination impossible to resist. When cherry and chocolate decide to tag along, the chocolate does not melt, but we melt. The black forest [...]