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Songs About Coffee

You love drinking coffee. And as important as this dark, complex brew is to human civilization, there's plenty of inspiration to draw from when it comes to coffee songs. Musicians throughout history have taken one sip of the deep black drink and followed it up with some furious scribbling in their notebooks. Here are some of our favorite coffee songs, and we're sure you'll like them too! They are enjoyed best with a cup of delicious Gourmesso Coffee.

Songs about Coffee Coffee and Music make the perfect match! Photo: GigNroll.com


1 - Johann Sebastian Bach - Coffee Cantata (1734)

When taking a look at coffee songs, you should always start with the classics. If you’re any kind of serious coffee drinker, you’ve probably seen the habit-forming side of this beverage. Johann Sebastian Bach’s satirical Coffee Cantata tells of the lighthearted struggle between a stern father and his coffee-loving daughter. After first noting “"If I couldn't be allowed to drink my little cup of coffee...I will turn into a shriveled-up roast goat” she eventually agrees and gives up coffee in order to search for a husband. The cantata ends when the father has a change of heart and the two parties finally agree “drinking coffee is natural.” If only all these coffee songs had such a happy ending!

2 - Annette Hanshaw - You're the Cream in My Coffee (1928)

The essential ingredient that makes coffee complete for Annette Hanshaw is cream; she uses this metaphor to write this 1928 coffee songs ode to love. Her soft, lively voice pairs her beau up with all the things in life that makes things worth living. While the comparison would be made plenty of times through the history of coffee songs, Hanshaw’s was certainly was one of the first.

3 - Fred Waring - Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee (1932)

If you're looking for a song to listen to while you swill coffee in your raccoon coat with a flask under your arm, Fred Waring has you covered. “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee” is dedicated to the exuberance of having a good time in the here and now. Written during the middle of the Great Depression, lightening the mood was certainly the aim of this coffee songs.

4 - Frank Sinatra - The Coffee Song (1946)

While most of these coffee songs center around enjoying a good cup, Sinatra’s The Coffee Song takes a different tack and explores industrial production. Packed with Sinatra’s typical high-energy show-stopping style, the song is an exaggerated ook at Brazil's coffee industry. Even the perfume smells “like it was made on the grill.”

5 - Ella Mae Morse - 40 Cups of Coffee (1953)

Ella Mae Morse drank 40 cups, and not for fun. She’s been staying up late drinking and singing coffee songs, waiting for her lover to finally roll in the door. When her guy does come home “a quarter after 5” Morse's anger has turned to joy and she’s just happy to finally have him home. The question remains who made her happier: her guy or her coffee.

6 - Bob Marley - One Cup of Coffee (1962)

Fed up with his love life (and perhaps alluding to his terrible luck breaking into mainstream music early in his career) Marley is saying goodbye to an unsatisfactory marriage with coffee songs. Bringing money “like the lawyer said” and being sorry for all the ways he’s failed, he just has the one cup of coffee left.

7 - Bob Dylan - One More Cup of Coffee (1976)

Bob Marley is not the only artist (and not even the only Bob) ready to hit the road for good. Dylan is ready to go, too. He’s going to drink his coffee, comparing its dark and mysterious nature with the heart of his former lover, then head “to the valley below.”

8 - Squeeze - Black Coffee in Bed (1982)

Squeeze’s lead songwriter Cliff Difford was about to have some coffee, but now his lover has left him forever. They used to be an item, but now all he has is a coffee stain in his notebook to remember her by. Life goes on eventually, and Difford uses coffee songs to help him get out of bed and conquer the unfamiliar world.

9 - Blur - Coffee & T.V. (1999)

"Coffee & T.V." is all about isolation and alcoholism. With hard drinking out of the question, and the weight of the world pressing down on him, Blur’s lead guitarist Graham Coxon is starting over with refreshing eye-opening coffee and the empty entertainments of daytime television. There are worse ways to spend a day than coffee songs.

10 - Fall Our Boy - Coffee's for Closers (2008)

The title is clearly inspired by the famous movie/play Glengarry Glenn Ross, with the singer taking the role of the beleaguered Shelly "The Machine" Levene. With many years of success behind him, he’s got only a small dwindling scrap of good luck left to run off. All he wants is his morning cup of coffee, but we all know who the coffee is reserved for.

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