Recipe for Thai Iced Coffee

Meanwhile in Thailand Photo: Eddy Milfort

Don’t have time to take a vacation this summer? Try this Thai iced coffee recipe for an easy escape to an exotic tropical destination!


‌• 4 shots of espresso
‌• 2 cups of cream
‌• ice
‌• 3 tbsps. of sugar
‌• ¼ tsp. ground cardamon
‌• ¼ tsp. almond extract

*makes 4 servings


Step One

Add cream, sugar and cardamom to a saucepan. Using a medium heat, bring the mixture to simmer.

Step Two

Remove the pan from the heat, and let it steep for 15 minutes.p>

Step Three

After the mixture has cooled down, add in the almond extract.

Step Four

Add ice to the brim of 4 tall glasses. Evenly divide the cream mixture into each glass. Pour in your coffee slowly and enjoy!