Recipe for Vanilla Iced Coffee

Vanilla beans Photo: Gatanass

Who says vanilla has to be boring? With our Vanilla Iced Coffee, you can add a little flavor and excitement to your daily cup of Gourmesso.

What you’ll need

‌• 1 Lungo Latino Mezzo
‌• Milk
‌• Ice cubes

Vanilla Syrup

‌• 1 cup of water
‌• 1 cup of sugar
‌• 1 tsp. vanilla


Step One

Prepare the vanilla syrup: Boil water and sugar together until the sugar has dissolved completely. Stir periodically. Add the vanilla, and let the mixture cool off.

Step Two

Brew your Lungo Latino Mezzo, and mix it with the syrup. Alternatively, you could use two shots of our espresso for an extra kick.

Step Three

Fill a glass with ice.

Step Four

Pour the coffee-syrup mix over the ice, and enjoy your tasty vanilla iced coffee

Tip: Create vanilla-flavored ice cubes by simply brewing and freezing our Soffio Vaniglia espresso.