2019 Amazon’s 20 Most Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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2019 Amazon’s 20 Most Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers

At some point in our lives, we realize that we have become passionate coffee lovers. Savoring fresh caffeine in the morning to get the energy that will get them through the day has become a daily routine for millions of people. If this is not you, then surely someone you know is inevitably in love with coffee.

Because coffee is the most popular beverage in the world (400 billion cups are consumed every year, according to How Stuff Works), and just about half of people 18 and up drink coffee every day, we believe this blog post will help you find the perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover.

We combed Amazon out to find the very best gifts and divided our finds into 3 categories: Funny, Thoughtful, and Trendy. Let’s look at each of these low-budget, high-quality, 2019 Amazon’s 20 most amazing gifts for coffee lovers:

2019 Amazon’s 20 Most Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that make you laugh. If you have someone with a great sense of humor, you should consider buying one of these funny gift ideas and watch your coffee lover gag as he or she unwraps it.

This is a perfect gift for someone who is always complaining on your group chat that they have not had enough caffeine in their system to deal with whatever. This ginormous cup is a genuine BigMouth Inc design and it’s made with high quality ceramic.

This is one of our top picks from our funny coffee lover gift list. This item needs customization before purchasing it. You can type in your recipient’s name and the seller will do the rest.

This item retails for 17.99 and it holds 4.7 stars rating! Incredible, right?

This 100% pre-shrunk cotton, comfortable T-shirt, designed by Crazy Dog is light weight and long-lasting. This is a perfect gift for your sarcastic friend, wife, girlfriend, sister, grandmother… It is a turn header and we guarantee it will turn heads and fish compliments from strangers.

This is one of our top picks from our funny coffee lover gift list. This item needs customization before purchasing it. You can type in your recipient’s name and the seller will do the rest.

This item retails for 17.99 and it holds 4.7 stars rating! Incredible, right?

The BigMouth Inc team is always on top of their game, designing novelty items that guarantee smiles. This reversible cup can serve coffee in the morning, and wine in the evening, just by reverting it, thus satisfying all moods for the day.


Thissimple, to-the-point, novelty cup is a great idea for the men in your life. It’s the best perk is that the quote is printed on both sides; perfect for left-handed dudes.

You can also find the This Guy is Awesome Dad if you’re searching for a gift for your coffee lover father.


Charm a corner of someone’s kitchen with this coffee decor which makes for a unique present for someone with a good sense of humor. The quality is fantastic, because it’s made of real wood and it retails for only $15.99



These gifts are perfect for your coffee lover relative or significant other. How thoughtful of you to get one for your special person!

If you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day present and you happen to be shopping for a very elegant, beautiful and unique gift, then this lovely mug/spoon set will dazzle. This is a great gift for mothers-in-law, as well.


This is the perfect gift for Disney obsessed coffee lovers. This mug will add character to your kitchen cabinet. Imagine the look on your guest’s faces when they open them and find Mrs. Pots, staring lovingly at them! It retails for $29.94 and it will guarantee to be loved by whoever receives it!


You are savoring your favorite coffee blend when suddenly, an overload of cuteness emerges from the depths of your mug! This adorable baby panda cup is a perfect birthday present for your favorite animal lover and it retails for only $10.88!

If pandas are not your cup of tea (or coffee), you can pick from their drop down menu and change the animal to your liking.


This high-quality stainless steel engraved spoon is a great gift idea for your best friends on Valentines Day. It’s a perfect small token for that friend who always has your back.

This one-time purchase retails for $12.99 but its engraving will last a lifetime.


Let your mom know she’s the best mom in the entire world, by giving her this sweet mug. Not only will she have a new cup to pour her latte in, but she will be reminded how lucky and how appreciated and loved she is.


We all have that one special teacher who believed in us. Why not let him or her know that we will never forget them and all their dedication? This 100% cotton t-shirt comes in a variety of colors, so make sure to ask your teacher which is his or her favorite!



Coffee trends for 2019 range from Avocado-Coffee that awes with its uncanny taste, to Compostable Coffee pods that aim to be environmentally friendly. These last Amazon gift options for coffee lovers tend to be pricier, but best believe that they are amazing. Let’s look at the perfect, most trendy Amazon gifts for coffee lovers.


Its sleek, slender, trendy and easy-to-use! Keurig really nailed this one. It’s so pretty, you’re going to want to place it somewhere it will absolutely and without a doubt be noticed by your guests. It retails on Amazon for $59.99 and you get free shipping when you purchase it!

The recipient of this gift will likely be very grateful.


A perfect complement to your Keurig Single Serve is a great coffee pod for it. None is more fantastic and trendier than the 48 pod Glorybrew bundle, sold on Amazon. It’s also a great idea for any Keurig-machine owners because the assortment is fantastic, the taste is divine, and they are eco-friendly, because these coffee pods are BPI certified as 100% compostable!


Place this fashionable K- Cup carousel right next to your Keurig machine and assort it with your favorite blends. This gift is perfect for that organized person in your life. It conveniently revolves 360 degrees to easily access your pods. Another great perk is its 5-year warranty!

We are sure that the recipient of this gift will adore it!


This natural say wax, aromatherapy candle will fill any space with that warm roasted coffee scent. It’s a fantastic gift idea for your pet owner coffee lover because it will guarantee to neutralize pet odors.

Not only is the packaging already sleek and modern, but it only retails for $10.50 on Amazon!


There is no trendier cup than this elegant expresso glass sold for 19.99 on Amazon. These glasses possess a double-wall thermal insulated design that isn’t hot to the touch after pouring espresso in them, but the liquid inside of them is kept warm. They are microwavable and dishwasher safe, so not only wonderful but also functional.


The Cafe du Chateau French Press is as gorgeous as it is functional. The perfect gift for the coffee or tea connoisseur in your life. Let that person know that you not only acknowledge his coffee love but that you are thinking about them, as well.

Last but not least, we present you with a trendy and stylish travel mug for those coffee lovers that are always on the go. It is not only pretty to look at, but it’s also environmentally friendly because it is 100% BPA free!


This mug retails on amazon for $13.00 dollars.


So there you have it, folks! 2019 Amazon’s 20 Most Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers. Now that we have done the research, you have to do the shopping and wrapping!

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