Keurig* Compatible Coffee K-Cups* - 100% Compostable Pods for Keurig* Machines

If you happen to not have a Nespresso machine, don’t worry! At Gourmesso, in addition to our Gourmesso coffee capsules, we also offer an assortment of Keurig®* compatible coffee K-Cups*. All of which are fitted for both K-Cup* brewers, as well as all popular Keurig* machines—even Keurig* 2.0 models. With this line of coffee capsules, we still promise to provide quality, convenient coffee capsules that are the best of their kind!

Our Keurig* compatible K-Cups are the perfect 100% compostable alternative— revolutionizing the world one coffee pod at a time. Compostable is another way to say biodegradable, and it differs slightly from recycling. This mean that our coffee capsules are made from 100% plant-based materials and will disintegrate in just under 12 weeks.

In addition to our innovative pod design, our pods are also certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to rebalance the planet by making lasting impacts on the environment. They also work to benefit communities around the world. These environmental, social, and economic efforts are proudly supported by Gourmesso and help us to share our mission to redefine sustainability.

*These pods DO NOT work in Keurig®* Vue or Rivo®* brewers. They also DO NOT work in Commercial Keurig®* brewers or any type of Nespresso machine.

Glorybrew K-Cups compatible for Keurig* Machines

Our Keurig compatible coffee capsules feature Glorybrew, a premium brand of coffee defined by sustainability and excellent taste.

Our selection of Keurig* Compatible Coffee K-Cups*

We are pleased to announce our three majestic selections fit for royalty: The Duke, The Knight, and The Noble.

The Duke is our medium roast espresso blend with medium acidity and mellow toasted notes. Light and earthy, this mild roast is perfect for coffee lovers seeking a pleasing aroma.

The Knight is our dark roast espresso blend that incorporates full-bodied notes of the Arabica beans with an added kick of spice and a smooth finish.

The Noble is our extra dark espresso blend that maintains a balanced flavor of cocoa notes and has a velvety finish. The subtle hints of chocolate are an excellent surprise in this unique blend.

Why Our Keurig* Compatible K-Cups* are the Best

Beyond the rich, intricate flavors of our Glorybrew coffee capsules, our alternatives to plastic K-Cups®* are the premium selection for espresso drinkers seeking a sustainable solution. Cost-effective and user-friendly, Gourmesso always strives to provide exceptional varieties for the coffee lovers of the world! We encourage you to explore our other Gourmesso products and take part in our sustainability revolution!

Still curious? You can learn more about why should you choose Gourmesso’s alternative to Keurig* K-Cups here.


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