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Chocolate  Soffio Cioccolato

dark roast
Chocolate - Soffio Cioccolato
dark roast
$4.89 10 Capsules
$4.89 10 Capsules
$4.89 10 Capsules
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Finely ground Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Asia form the basis of our dark-roast Soffio Cioccolato. The dark chocolate aroma transforms this espresso into a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.



Gourmesso capsules for Nespresso machines do NOT fit in Vertuo machines.

Soffio Cioccolato - Flavored Compatible Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Machines

For those who prefer sweet treats, a life without chocolate is unimaginable. Try the delicious Gourmesso Soffio Cioccolato, our certified Fair Trade compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. This rich blend of smooth espresso with hints of chocolate is one of our best and most popular coffee capsules. It's mild and smooth balance is the perfect level of sweetness, not overwhelming, but there's a distinctive chocolate note. With Gourmesso you get a similar quality to what you've come to expect from Nespresso®* capsules, but at a price that's 30% less.

Chocolate's Divine Origin

It is believed that cocoa trees were first harvested over 3500 years ago. More "recently" in 600 AD, the Mayan people started using cocoa, as they believed the cocoa tree was of divine origin. Europeans didn't begin consuming chocolate until the 1500s when they mixed cocoa with honey and cane sugar. Cocoa kept growing in popularity during the 18th and 19th centuries but was more popular among the higher society due to the high price. However, when farmers began to cultivate cocoa from the cocoa-rich Amazon, cocoa products were soon available to the masses. We've created a blend that's strive to be as rich as the Nespresso Original capsules.

Dark, Rich, Creamy

The finely ground Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Brazil form the perfect foundation of the Soffiio Cioccolato coffee capsules. With the addition of dark chocolate, the espresso is transformed into a delightful melt in your mouth experience. This blend serves as a perfect alternative to hot chocolate in the winter and could even be turned into a sweet iced treat in the summer.

Additional information

  • 10 coffee pods per single box
  • 5g ground, roast coffee per pod, no other additives. 65mg caffeine per pod
  • Compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines
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