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BaseImage_Lungo Arabica Forte - Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules

  • BaseImage_Lungo Arabica Forte - Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules
dark roast
Lungo Arabica Forte
dark roast
$4.79 10 Capsules
$4.79 10 Capsules
$4.79 10 Capsules
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The Lungo Arabica Forte is a dark-roast lungo espresso made from 100% of the finest Arabica beans from Mexico and Peru. The very slow roasting process contributes to a full-bodied blend with an intense and unique aroma.


Due to an error in our package printing, the current Lungo Arabica Forte packaging is showing intensity 10. This blend however, is still roasted at an intensity level of 9.


Gourmesso capsules for Nespresso®* machines do NOT fit in VertuoLine machines.


Lungo Arabica Forte - The Alternative Nespresso®* Lungo

Gourmesso's Lungo Arabica Forte is made from 100% Arabica beans, sourced from Mexico and Peru, and slowly roasted to develop their intense aroma. This slow and dark roasting process is what gives this Arabica coffee its rich and bold flavor. The coffee capsules posses a strong flavor and extraordinary aroma, also brought out by the fine grinding process. The Lungo Arabica Forte has an intensity of 9 and is a delightful alternative to Nespresso®* capsules.

What is Lungo Espresso

The word 'lungo' is Italian for long, which describes the way in which a lungo espresso is pulled. This style of espresso shot uses the same amount of coffee grounds as an espresso, but twice as much water. The result is a more mild and smooth espresso that is also less bitter. This brewing method brings out the unique notes of the Arabica beans sourced for our Lungo Arabica Forte.

The Harvesting Process of Arabica Beans

The Arabica bean is one of the most economically important species of plants in the world and is native to the southwestern Ethiopia. Today it is grown in many countries as well, such as Mexico and Peru, where our beans for the Lungo Arabica Forte are sourced. In contrast to the Robusta, Arabica beans are larger and more elongated. Arabica beans are less equipped to handle heat, wind or humidity, which means they grow better in the climates closer to the equator.

Try our alternative Nespresso®* lungo capsules today. With Gourmesso coffee you save 30 percent over any other compatible coffee capsule available.

Additional information

  • 10 coffee pods per single box
  • 5g ground, roast coffee per pod, no other additives. 65mg caffeine per pod
  • Compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines

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