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Nespresso®* Accessories and Advertising vs. Nespresso®* Compatible Capsules

Nespresso®* is a brand that brings you high quality espresso in a simple and sophisticated manner. With their single serve coffee capsules, and their varying Nespresso®* machines, it becomes possible for anyone to make delightful and elegant espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and more, right in the comfort of your own home.

The Capsules

The Nespresso®* capsules each come with a single shot of finely ground espresso inside that is made up of a rich blend of coffees from all over the world. The main assortment of capsules is known as the ‘Grand Crus’, and has around 16 different blends and flavors in it. This also includes three decaf blends and 3 ‘pure origin’ blends. Besides these ‘Grand Crus’ blends, they also makes three flavored capsules, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.

Nespresso®* Machines and Accessories

There are a number of different Nespresso®* machines, each designed to produce the right water temperature and pressure to ensure a perfect cup of espresso. The different types of machines are the Lattissima, Maestra, U, CitiZ, Pixie, and Inissia. These machines range in price and size with the Lattissima being some of the biggest and most expensive. The CitiZ line are the machines that come with an attachable Aeroccino that warms and froths milk at the touch of a button. The Pixie machines are typically the smallest models. And the new Inissia machines are the cheapest version yet. The Inissia Nespresso®* machine is only $99, making it almost $50 cheaper than the U machine, and $600 cheaper than the Gran Maestria machine. Our Gourmesso coffee capsules work in all of these OriginalLine machines. There are a number of Nespresso®* accessories like milk frothers and glasses that go along with the machines to make your coffee experience that much more enjoyable. 

Our coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso®*

History of Nespresso®*

The company was started by a Swiss man named Eric Favre in 1976 while working for Nestlé®*. He is the man that invented, developed, and then patented the Nespresso®* system that includes the machines and the use of the Nespresso®* pods. However the introduction of such machines was not popular or well received until 1988, when Swiss businessman Jean-Paul Gaillard came on board as the head of the company. With a 1.6 million Swiss Franc marketing budget, Gillaird set out to conquer the coffee world. Gaillard is credited with designing the "Le Club" community, and adapted this idea of exclusivity for the brand. The company went for the luxury market, and began sponsoring billionaires, presenting the coffee as chic, their stores as boutiques, and encompassed it all in the Nespresso®* Club. Gillaird even adopted the French term "Grand Crus" to describe the coffee capsules, which is a term generally used to describe a world renowned French wine region 

The clientele who are loyal to the brand are, admittedly from Gillaird, older in age, and therefore seemingly more sophisticated, and the company would like to keep it that way as much as is possible. But with the introduction of new and cheaper machines, the brand has realized that they need to reach out to that 25 year old age group. Some of the best Nespresso®* machines available can run up to a cost of around $500, but recently in June 2014 the brand made their new Inissia machine available in the Unites States for only $99. The history of Nespresso®* is ever evolving, and only time will tell if their exclusivity will allow room for growth, or become a hinderance.

Services Offered

There are a number of different services offered by the company, just as any online retail service provide has, and these basic services start with their physical products. The Nespresso®* capsules, or pods, are made out of aluminum and hold about 5-6 grams of ground coffee.  The Grand Crus, or all of the different Nespresso®* varieties, consist of 21 different blends, with a rotation of seasonal capsules throughout the year. The Nespresso®* Club membership is a unique service aspect of the brand. In order to purchase any of their products, you first need to become a member of The Club. There are other Nespresso®* services unique to the company such as their mobile app that helps customers find a boutique location, or view their Club balance.

George Clooney and Nespresso®*

This classy man and his image to the world is precisely why the company enlisted him to be the face of their marketing campaign. Clooney first signed with the brand in 2006 to be the face of the brand for 6 years. The actor has earned an apparent $40 million over the 6 year contract. It is reported that George Clooney and Nespresso®* are developing coffee farms in South Sudan as part of an advocacy program designed by Clooney. It is also reported that Clooney spent millions of the money earned on a satellite he uses to monitor Omar Al-Bashir, the Sudanese dictator who is charge with war crimes and genocide.

Need an Alternative to Nespresso®* Coffee? Presenting Gourmesso Compatible Capsules

Gourmesso’s coffee capsule line is similar to the Nespresso®* varieties. We offer over 18 different blends, including six flavors and a decaf option. The Gourmesso price however, is 30% better than Nespresso®*. So for all coffee lovers locating cheap compatible Nespresso®* capsules or pod alternatives can save you major money. Also, when you order more than $50 worth of coffee capsules with us, you get free shipping anywhere in the United States. Our capsules are compatible in any OrignialLine machines, and are made with the same high quality coffee from around the world. You can easily order our coffee capsules right from home, rather than visiting a Nespresso®* boutique. At Gourmesso, we work to bring you the best alternative to Nespresso®* pods out there. 

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