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Brasile Blend Dolce - Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules

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light roast
Brasile Blend Dolce
light roast
$4.69 10 Capsules
$4.69 10 Capsules
$4.69 10 Capsules
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The Brasile Blend Dolce's combination of Brazilian and Peruvian Arabica beans create a balanced and mild espresso composition, with a touch of Indian Robusta beans to round it out. This light-roast espresso is also slow roasted to create a mild aroma with a discreet hint of citrus.


Also introducing, the new Gourmesso packaging! We'll be working to slowly switch all of our packaging to this new design throughout 2017. We hope you enjoy the vibrant new look.


Gourmesso capsules for Nespresso®* machines do NOT fit in VertuoLine machines.


Brasile Blend Dolce - Our Mild Nespresso®* Compatible Coffee Capsule

The Brasile Blend Dolce is a very mild espresso with a balanced intensity of 3 and consists mainly of Arabica coffee beans from Brazil. The mild flavor and light citrus notes highlight this particular Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsule.

Coffee Capsules with Arabica and Robusta Beans

Our Brasile Blend Dolce coffee capsules consist of 85% Arabica coffee sourced mainly from Brazil. Brazil is one of the largest coffee growing areas in the world and their long tradition of cultivation has made coffee one of the country's main trading commodities. Knowledge and tradition were passed from generation to generation leading to an expertise that comes with Brazilian coffee.

Peruvian and Indian Arabica coffee beans are also mixed into the blend. Peru is known for its exclusive focus on the Arabica coffee plant, and our coffee farmers solely grow Arabica plants, which guarantee exceptional quality and taste. To complete this mild blend, Indian Robusta beans are added as well. Robusta coffee is characterized by its high caffeine content and unique taste. Try our Brasile Blend Dolce and experience the complex, mild flavor of this delicate blend.

Compatible Nespresso®* Capsules

The Gourmesso coffee capsules are a tasty and affordable alternative to Nespresso®* capsules. Gourmesso coffee capsules are compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines and you don't have to worry about potential damages. Dialogue with our customers is particularly important to us. We look forward to receiving your feedback and answering your questions, just follow the 'Contact' link down below!

Additional information

  • 10 coffee pods per single box
  • 5g ground, roast coffee per pod, no other additives. 65mg caffeine per pod
  • Compatible with all OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines
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