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Nespresso®* Capsule Holder

A Nespresso®* capsule holder is the perfect way to display your Gourmesso capsules in a way that will let you easily tell which one you want, as well as allowing you to display them attractively in your home or office. Since the capsules themselves come in colored foil that can be removed, you have the option of displaying the capsule in its original packaging or removing the foil so that the capsule itself is all that is on display. Either of these options allows you to show off your Nespresso®* capsule holder and the capsules inside.

Nespresso®* Glass Bonbonniere

Seeming like a cross between a top and a candy jar, the Nespresso®* Glass Bonbonniere is an Nespresso®* accessory allows you to exhibit your coffee capsules while you keep them carefully organized. Much like the Nespresso®* capsules themselves, this Nespresso®* capsule holder is made of an advanced PMMA or polymethyl-methacrylate that is extremely durable while remaining clear and easy to clean. With the subtlety and class of a professional Nespresso®* capsule holder and the ability to keep it in your home, the Nespresso®* Glass Bonbonniere can hold 50 capsules with ease.

The Glass Bonbonniere allows you and your guests to rapidly draw a capsule from this Nespresso®* capsule holder for quick enjoyment without any compromise in the quality of the display. Showing off multiple colors of foil capsule covers is a simple matter, and even removing the foil to make retrieving your intended capsule simpler is a quick process that is made more aesthetically pleasant by the Bonbonniere’s form and ease of access. The Bonbonniere Nespresso®* capsule holder combines the best of a bowl with the best of a stand.

Nespresso®* Glass Totem

Part dispensary and part Nespresso®* capsule holder, the Glass Totem is a combination Nespresso®* capsule holder that can work with both numerous types of color schemes and with different height requirements. When you wish to set up your Nespresso®* capsule holder in a taller space, you can utilize the Glass Totem’s taller feature with large separate compartments. If height is at a premium and you wish to save space, you can consolidate with the tray portion of the Glass Totem and make access even simpler.

Made of melamine, the Nespresso®* Glass Totem is simple to clean and virtually unbreakable. This is excellent for get-togethers because guests will never have to worry about damaging your Nespresso®* capsule holder. Capable of holding dozens of capsules in its tower section and easily displaying up to four separate varieties of capsule flavor, this Nespresso capsule holder is both visually appealing and a convenient way to dispense multiple types of your favorite flavors. Whether in the foil or not, this is a dispenser perfect for showcasing your collection.

Nespresso®* Ritual Swirl

Built in the shape of an ice bucket, Ritual Swirl Nespresso®* capsule holder is a classic way to attractively hold and display a large number of your capsules at one time. As one of the larger types of Nespresso capsule holders available to you, the Ritual Swirl can accommodate up to 100 capsules at a time with ease and display them from a distance. This will allow you to offer your guests or easily access any and every flavor desired. Made of glass and stainless steel, the Nespresso®* Ritual Swirl from the Ritual Collection makes it easy for you to draw up the lid and take a capsule from the top. This kind of ease and simplicity make the Ritual Swirl one of the better types of capsules holders for entertaining.

The look of the Ritual Swirl is one that combines just enough height with easy reach, bringing the “candy jar” effect fully onto your counter. With its portability, simple design and the ability to store so many Nespresso®* capsules, you will always be able to find the kind you want and you will know long before you have to order new ones. Storing the Ritual Swirl in a space with little reaching room is fine, since reaching over and removing the lid is a simple matter.

Nespresso®* Versilo Dispenser

Available in a limited edition format, the Versilo Dispenser type of Nespresso®* capsule holder allows you to hold and display up to 40 of your favorite capsules at one time. With the feeling of a game, this Nespresso®* capsule holder is available in black or white to work with virtually any kind of decor. Made of a Polymethyl-methacrylate combination, the Versilo Dispenser is a durable way to keep and display up to 8 different varieties of Nespresso®* capsules for easy access whenever you like. With a solid base, this tall and space saving capsule holder can be a conversation piece or even a small space divider.

There are many types of Nespresso®* capsule holders that can fit virtually any kind of decor and temperament. They look great, and they make accessing your Gourmesso capsules very simple.

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