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Nespresso®* Cups

Nespresso®* offers a full range of high-quality designer accessories to take your coffee experience to the next level. Whether you’re searching for a timeless glass mug, a bright, modern espresso cup, or a durable travel mug, Nespresso®* cups offer choices to meet every need.

First, take a look at the various sizes of Nespresso®* cups and mugs. Once you know which type of cup or mug you’re looking for, you can browse the Nespresso®* cup collections to find it in a design that suits your taste.

Types of Nespresso®* Cups

There are 3 sizes of Nespresso®* cups designed for espresso shots. Each size holds several shots of Gourmesso espresso brewed your favorite way, and each Nespresso®* cup comes with a matching saucer for a complete set.


The gold standard for an espresso shot results in about 1 oz of concentrated flavor with a layer of crema, or creamy foam, on top. A Nespresso®* espresso cup lets you enjoy one or several shots of traditional espresso.

Available in: Glass, Vertuoline, Touch, Reveal, Pixie, Ritual, and Premium Collections


Italian for “reduced” or “limited”. A ristretto shot, also called a “short shot”, is brewed with less water and is about 3/4 of the volume of a standard shot. A ristretto cup is slightly smaller than a standard espresso cup, and is perfect for those who enjoy drinking full-bodied, smooth espresso with less bitterness than a traditional shot.

Available in: Ritual Collection


Italian for “long”. A lungo shot is brewed with more water than a standard espresso shot, and results in a flavor profile that is less concentrated but more bitter.

Available in: Glass, Touch, Ritual, and Premium Collections

Types of Nespresso®* Mugs

For those who enjoy adding their espresso to a hand-crafted beverage, or who simply want a chic way to enjoy a mug of hot coffee, Nespresso®* mugs come in 4 different styles to meet your needs.


A short, wide mug that accentuates the rich layer of froth on top of your home-brewed cappuccino.

Available in: Glass, Touch, and Ritual Collections

Coffee Mug:

Your trusty standby, a Nespresso®* coffee mug lets you enjoy your morning coffee in style.

Available in: Glass, Vertuoline, Touch, and Ritual Collections


This type of mug has a taller, thinner profile perfect for mixing designer beverages. Nespresso®* recipe mugs come with spoons to help you create your favorite recipes.

Available in: Glass and Vertuoline Collections


For those who need coffee on the go, Nespresso®* cups are available in an ;insulated travel version, designed with both durability and style in mind.

Available in: Vertuoline and Citiz Collections

Nespresso®* Cup Collections


Iconic glass Nespresso®* cups add a touch of elegance to your favorite beverage. Each cup comes with a charcoal gray saucer accentuated with either dignified black or a splash of color.


This collection is designed to aesthetically complement the Nespresso®* Vertuoline machine, and to accentuate the rich crema in a freshly-pulled shot of espresso. A stainless steel travel mug is available, while the other cups in this collection are made of tempered glass. These cups have a more rounded profile than the original glass Nespresso®* cups and allow you to enjoy your coffee in generous proportions.


Innovative design and understated elegance make this one Nespresso®* cup collection you’re sure to love. Black porcelain and soft silicone come together for a cup that is both edgy and refined. The curves and angles of these Nespresso®* cups are uniquely designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of your gourmet coffee.


Take your espresso-tasting experience to the next level. These elegant Nespresso®* cups are reminiscent of tiny wine glasses, and come in two carefully crafted shapes that each enhance different aromas and flavors.


The Pixie collection offers double-walled stainless steel Nespresso®* cups in 19 unique color options. Each espresso cup comes with a stainless steel stirrer. Both neutral and bold hues are available to match any color scheme.


A collection of classic white Nespresso cups with a modern, angular shape and just a touch of color where cup and saucer meet. The Recipe set has a different look than the others, made instead of tempered glass decorated with a muted pattern.


The Citiz travel mug is perfect for the busy professional. This refined silver mug with black accents lets you enjoy your coffee creations on the go.


The gorgeous Premium collection is comprised of fine china espresso and lungo cups with hand-painted gold accents. The design draws its beauty from the simplicity of circles: concentric rings decorate the white saucers, while each cup handle is a complete circle accented in gold. The espresso size is also offered in a version with a gold ring painted around the inside of the cup.

Try our delicious Gourmesso coffee in combination with your favorite Nespresso®* cup.

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