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Nespresso®* Dallas

Anyone with discriminating taste when it comes to coffee is probably familiar with the Nespresso®* line of coffee machines, accessories and gourmet capsules in order to enjoy the finest blends available in their own home. Nespresso®* is in a category by themselves when it comes to high-quality gourmet coffee, but this quality does come at a price.

Those that enjoy Nespresso®* brand coffee at home, also realize that the capsules are very expensive. With Nespresso®* you get a quality product at a premium price.

We’ve heard coffee drinkers lamenting time and again, that they wish they could capture the taste and quality of Nespresso®* without the price tag. There just may be an answer to Nespresso®* coffee lovers.

OriginalLine® Nespresso®* Machines

Nespresso®* OriginalLine® Nespresso®* Machines have become the synonymous with top quality coffee machines for home use. Coffee lovers are hard pressed to find a machine that delivers the taste and experience as those available with the OriginalLine Nespresso®* machine and the coffee capsules that go along with it.

There are several different OrinigalLine Nespresso®* machines to choose from, they include:

•Inissia which retails for $99.00

•Inissia bundle, which includes an Aeroccino Plus milk frother, which retails for $149.00

•Pixie, retail price $179.00

•Pixie Titanium bundle, which includes an Aeroccino Plus milk frother, retails for $279.00

•Citiz Chrome, retails for $249.00

•Citiz bundle, which includes and Aeroccino Plus milk frother, which retails at $299.00

Nespresso®* Dallas

Recently, the company opened Nespresso®* Dallas, their boutique-style store in the NorthPark Center along with nine other high-end retail outlets. The Nespresso®* Dallas boutique can be considered one half café and one half retail.

Upon entering the Nespresso®* Dallas boutique you’ll find their café, where you can order your favorite coffee selection, along with your favorite dessert offering. The macaroons are exceptional but are pricey, at around $8 for three.

Nespresso®* Store - Dallas

The Nespresso®* Dallas boutique has nicely appointed tables where you can enjoy your coffee and sweets, and they do not offer “to go” items. The coffee baristas in the Nespresso®* Dallas boutique, if not too busy, are always friendly and willing to share coffee-making tips and new recipe ideas for you to try at home.

The café at Nespresso®* Dallas is sophisticated and features mostly two-top tables that can be put together to accommodate larger groups. It’s a great place for a Saturday afternoon gathering with friends, a business meeting or as a prelude to choosing your Nespresso®* machine. This Nespresso®* store in Dallas is a great place for a sweet bite and to enjoy a great coffee experience.

Nespresso®* Pods for Sale

In the back, retail area of the Nespresso®* Dallas is where machine owners will find their nirvana! You will find every type of machine, accessory and all the Nespresso®* pods for sale. It’s like wonderland for coffee drinkers. Nespresso®* Dallas is staffed by an incredibly well-trained team of coffee experts. They will help you choose the right blends for your palette, while describing the unique nuances of each selection so you can decide if you want to stick with your favorite blend or try something different.

The sophisticated “black suited” experts in this Nespresso®* boutique will answer questions about your machine, provide tips for improving your coffee experience and suggest cups, spoons and other accessories that will enhance your coffee drinking experience. They will also accept your used pods for recycling in this Nespresso®* store in Dallas.

If you have joined the Nespresso®* Club, you will be able to order your coffee capsules 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You will also have a personal coffee expert that can suggest different options, based on your lines and dislikes. In addition, you will be invited to Nespresso®* Dallas Boutique events that are open only to invited clubs guests.

Nespresso®* Capsules Price

Nespresso®* machines are very affordable considering there are many other more expensive brands on the market, but it’s the actual Nespresso®* capsules price that can often become prohibitive, especially for those that enjoy several cups of coffee throughout the day. On average, an individual capsule retails on the Nespresso®* Web site for around .80 cents per pod.

Nespresso®* capsules come in a variety of sizes to suit your taste, you may choose from the 8 oz. Coffee, the 3.7 oz. Lungo, 1.5 oz. Espresso and .85 oz. Ristretto. All of these different types of Nespresso®* pods can be found in the Nespresso®* Dallas boutique. No matter what your favorite size may be, all are made with the top coffees in the world including many of the top coffee bean growing regions include Central and South America, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Brazil and Columbia. Most of the roasting is done to medium, which perfectly imparts a complex but harmonious blend of malted and fruity notes with a malted, caramel bouquet.

An Alternative: Gourmesso Capsules for Nespresso®* Machines

There is no question that Nespresso®* coffee machines and coffee is among the best and loved by true coffee connoisseurs. Many of you that have love the taste and variety of Nespresso®* coffee probably can’t imagine going back to any other coffee, or the experience of a boutique like Nespresso®* Dallas. There is one downside to the Nespresso®* coffee experience, and that is the high price point of each capsule.

There is now a solution for those coffee lovers looking for a way to save but not give up the Nespresso®* quality. Gourmesso Coffee now offers discriminating coffee lovers the flavors and quality they love, but without the hefty price tag.

Coffee drinkers are typically not quick to give up their favorite indulgent drink, so Gourmesso developed a single-serve capsule that can be used with the OriginalLine Nespresso®*® machines including the Citiz, Essenza, Maestria, U, Lattissima Plus, Pixie, Inissia and Le Cube. While they can be used with the Nespresso®* OriginalLine of coffee machines, please note they are NOT compatible with the Nespresso®* VertuoLine, which utilizes a different size capsule.

Just like Nespresso®*, Gourmesso coffee capsules are filled with the highest-quality coffee from the best coffee growing regions in the world. Each individual capsule is guaranteed to contain coffee beans that have been roasted, ground, measured and packed to give coffee-lovers the best in-home coffee drinking experience available. The best part is, these premium coffee capsules start at just $.45 per capsule, making them around 30% less expensive than Nespresso®*. Don’t give up quality coffee, just get it for a better price! You can order all of the Gourmesso coffee capsules easily online, without having to visit a fancy place like the Nespresso®* Dallas store.

As an added benefit, all Gourmesso coffee orders of $50 or more are delivered free of change anywhere in the US.

If you want the ease of ordering online, the ability to save money, while retaining quality, then try Gourmesso coffee capsules today. We bet that if you conduct your own taste test, you will be hard pressed to determine which is Nespresso®* and which is Gourmesso.

You can buy Nespresso®* coffee capsules easily online at Gourmesso, instead of having to visit a store like the Nespresso®* Dallas boutique.

Other Nespresso®* Boutique Locations

  • Nespresso®* San Francisco

  • Nespresso®* New York

  • Nespresso®* Miami

  • Nespresso®* Los Angeles

  • Nespresso®* Chicago

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