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Nespresso®* Compatible Capsules: Concept and Services

Coffee Pods: A Brief History of Coffee and Coffee Today

The first records of coffee being consumed as a drink come from the mid 15th century AD, in what is today Yemen. From there, coffee spread to the rest of the Middle East, Turkey, Persia, and parts of Northern Africa by the 16th century. Soon after this, coffee was introduced to the Balkans, Europe, Indonesia, and the Americas.

The first coffeehouse can be traced to Constantinople and opened in 1554. The first European country to obtain live coffee trees was the Netherlands in 1616. Coffee has had a rough but significant history.

Coffee has been banned multiple times throughout history, from Mecca in the 16th century to Ethiopia in the 18th century. Coffee was and still is an important and main factor in many economies such as Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia as well as other locations in South America, Asia, and Africa.

Coffee was very controversial when it was first introduced to many cultures. Many different groups and religions were conflicted as to whether it was an acceptable drink. Luckily for us, our ancestors came to the conclusion that coffee is more than acceptable to drink.

Over 100 million people in the United States drink coffee everyday. 60% of these coffee 100 million coffee drinkers claim they need a cup of coffee to start their day. Due to the millions of consumers, new, intricate, and interesting methods of coffee production have been designed. These range from instant coffee, to drip coffee, to specialty machines and everything in between. In the past few years the growing trend of coffee capsules has skyrocketed.

The desire to produce specialty and Coffee House style coffees at home has led to the creation of a number of personal espresso machines. Brands like Nespresso®* with their Nespresso®* capsules, have long dominated the markets, and now these Nerspresso®* pods are slowly becoming more affordable and more alternatives are entering the market.

Gourmesso is one of these alternatives to Nespresso®* capsules. We produce compatible Nespresso®* capsules for your Nespresso®* machine at a lower price than the original Nespresso®* pods, but with the same high quality as expected from Nespresso®*

Today coffee is consumed in a number of intricate and interesting methods, and one of the most intricate methods has become the Nespresso®* capsules brewing process. With the launch of the Nespresso®* brand, people have come to associate the espresso with a lavish lifestyle. This not only stems from the creative marketing tatics at Nespresso®*, but also from he desire to produce a Coffeehouse-style coffee at home. These reasons have lead to the creation of a number of personal espresso machines. Brands like Nespresso®*, with their Nespresso®* capsules, have long dominated the markets, and now these coffee pods are slowly becoming more affordable.

Nespresso capsules have the same flavor and intensity as our capsules

Nespresso®* Capsules Make Things Easier

With the introduction of products like Nespresso®* capsules, brewing a perfect espresso at home has become as simple as pushing a button. These coffee capsules have an exact amount of ground espresso sealed inside of them that deliver the best and most efficient espresso possible.

The machine works by pushing water at a scaled temperature and pressure through the capsules. This process results in the perfect espresso. Nespresso®* capsules, or the new and emerging alternatives, make setting up and cleaning up your coffee simple. All you have to do is place the capsule in the machine, close the machine, make sure there is water in the reservoir, and press the button. Just like that, you can have a gourmet coffee anywhere.

If you have an Aeroccino milk frother with your Nespresso®* machine, you can make a wide range of specialty drinks just like in your favorite coffee shops, from lattes, to cappuccinos, and macchiatos. All that you have to do is put milk inside the Aeroccino, press the button once quickly for hot frothed milk, or once holding it down for cool frothed milk. With the combination of the Nespreesso®* capsules and the Aeroccino, you can make hot or iced specialty drinks easily, at home or the office, just like a world famous barista.

Cleanup after using the delicious Nespresso®* capsules consists of the disposal or recycling of the coffee capsules, which are collected in a container inside the machine after each use. There is no grinding and measuring coffee beans before use, or washing the coffee pot and other parts of the machine afterwards like a drip coffee machine. You only have to descale your machine about every 300 uses, so for the average person twice per year, and refill the water chamber as needed.

Nespresso®* Pods Make Things Faster

In a rush to get to the office? In a rush at the office? With the help of Nespresso®* capsules, getting great espresso as fast as possible has become standard.

And there is no surprise that this is now essential in the ever-more-busy lives of most Americans. No one really enjoys waiting for 15 minutes in line at his or her local coffee shop and overpaying for his or her morning caffeine. Also spending the extra time to prepare, brew, and clean up a drip coffee machine is not ideal since in the morning there never seems to be enough time. Nespresso®* machines and Nespresso®* capsules are the perfect alternative and solution.

Everyone enjoys finding high quality products for a great value, and that's where Gourmesso comes in. We offer the same great quality that you find in Nespresso®* capsules, but at a lower price. Our alternative to Nespressp®* capsules work just as Nespresso®* capsules do in your OrginalLine Nespresso®* machine. We offer 20 varieties of espresso ranging from flavored, to bold, to mild and many options in between.

From cold drip coffee, to Nespresso®* capsules, to our more affordable Gourmesso compatible Nespresso®* capsules, the choice is increasingly yours. Whatever your preferences are, bold, mild, flavored, or decaffeinated, Gourmesso has a product for you. We offer a similar quality as Nespresso®* pods, at a price that's 30% lower, and our capsules work perfectly in most Nespresso®* machines. Give our alternative Nespresso®* capsules a try today!

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