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HiLine Coffee Nespresso®* Pods Comparison

HiLine Coffee

Not long ago, in downtown Manhattan, a new coffee company sprang up hoping to offer people a new option for their Nespresso®* machines. HiLine Coffee is a coffee company named after the famous New York City High Line linear park, which is a green oasis that runs above the city along the former New York City Railroad. According to the company website, their aim is to provide an alternative to the coffee pods offered by Nespresso®*®*.

While HiLine does offer Nespresso®* machine users a second, cheaper option for the machines, the HiLine capsules have been known to cause problems in most of the popular Nespresso®* machines available in the US. These problems usually occur because of the hard plastic that the HiLine capsules are made out of. While it's true that HiLine is a viable alternative option for Nespresso®* systems, do the costs outweigh the benefits?

We'll take a deeper look at what HiLine Coffee really has to offer Nespresso®* machine users, and compare them to our Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules. Gourmesso has also tested for you Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules from numerous providers. At the end of this article you will have the opportunity to consider every alternative supplier in a separate comparison. For a general overview please click here: Comparison of different suppliers

The Gourmesso Coffee vs. HiLine Coffee Comparison Chart


You can buy Nespresso®* coffee capsules easily online at Gourmesso and compare them to HiLine Coffee along with a Nespresso®* Pods Comparison.

HiLine Coffee Pods

The HiLine pods come in a limited selection of blend options. Rather than focusing on a unique and wide variety like Gourmesso coffee has, HiLine offers only eight different varieties, categorized by roast type. There are three dark roast HiLine coffee blends, two medium roast blends, two decaf blends, and one 'green coffee' option. Gourmesso on the other hand offers 20 different alternative Nespresso®* options that include 9 espresso blends, three lungo (long-pour) blends, six flavored blends, one decaf blend, and the only available certified Fairtrade coffee capsule for Nespresso®* machines.

All of the HiLine pods are named after different landmarks throughout New York City. The HiLine coffee dark roasts are called Wall Street, Liberty Lungo, and Broadway, and the medium roasts are Chelsea and Brooklyn. The decaf blends are Central Park Decaf and U.N. Decaf, and the green coffee blend is simply called Green Coffee.

The HiLine Coffee Wall Street Blend

The Wall Street blend is marketed as HiLine's most intense coffee pod option. The dark roast is a combination of Brazilian and Colombian beans, though there is no description available as to what type of coffee beans they are, Arabica or Robusta. This blend is noted by a nutty taste with fruit notes and a smooth finish, and is supposed to be HiLine's strongest and most bold espresso option.

While HiLine coffee offers one blend of this nature, Gourmesso offers three espresso's and two comparable lungo blends. The Gourmesso Ristretto Blend Forte, Messico Blend Forte, and Etiopia Blend Forte are the most bold espresso options available. Rather than focusing strictly on the roast color of the coffees, Gourmesso uses a similar intensity scale to that of Nespresso®*. The Ristretto Blend Forte and Etiopia Blend Forte are each categorized as a level 10 intensity while the Messico Blend Forte is a number 9.

The Ristretto Blend Forte is a dark roast made from South and Central American Arabica beans with an addition of African Arabicas and Asian Robustas. This unique combination delivers an espresso that is bold and spicy, yet still finishes smooth. The Etiopia Blend Forte is a dark roast blend of Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Robusta beans from South and Central America. This rich espresso finishes with slight citrus notes. Last of Gourmesso's alternative Nespresso®* intense espresso options, the Messico Blend Forte, is a dark roast of Mexican and Indian Arabica beans combined with Asian Robustas that create a rich and elegant espresso. This blend is perfect for milk-based drinks like a latte or cappuccino.

The HiLine Coffee Broadway Blend

The HiLine pod Broadway is described as a bright and bold blend. This dark roast is made from Colombian Arabicas that produce a rounded flavor and mild acidity, and the flavor notes of these pods are described as sweet and fruity.

Gourmesso offers three different alternative Nespresso®* pods that are comparable to the HiLine coffee Broadway blend, the Colombia Arabica Mezzo, Tarrazu Forte, and India Forte. The specially developed Colombia Arabica Mezzo is made in partnership with the renowned Berlin Coffee Roasters. This medium roast is made up of Colombia Arabicas and Indonesian Robustas that produce aromas of licorice and cocoa. There is a subtly finish to this velvety floral espresso, with light notes of jasmine. The Gourmesso alternative coffee capsule the Tarrazu Forte is a single-origin blend of Arabica's from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The rich volcanic soil the coffee plants grown in produce a racy and aromatic profile that finishes with a fruity aroma, comparable to the HiLine Broadway pod. Lastly, the Gourmesso India Forte is a dark roast made from finely ground Indian and Ethiopian Arabicas with a slight hint of Asian Robustas, that finishes with a spicy yet smooth espresso taste.

The HiLine Coffee Liberty Lungo

The HiLine pod Liberty Lungo is the only lungo espresso option produced by HiLine coffee. This blend is described as rich dark roast that is made from Arabica beans from Brazil and Guatemala mixed with Kenyan beans. This combinations brings an acidic, bold flavor when properly brewed as a lungo espresso.

While HiLine coffee only offers one lungo pod that is a Nespresso®* comparison, Gourmesso proudly offers three, the Lungo Arabica Forte, Lungo Latnio Mezzo, and the limited-edition Lungo Italico Forte.

The HiLine Coffee Chelsea Blend

The HiLine Chelsea blend is described as a light roast that has notes of cinammon, citrus, and blackberry. This blend of coffee is made up of beans from Kenya, Colombia, and Costa Rica to create a sweet and light finish.

The most comparable Gourmesso blend is the Brasile Blend Dolce. We are proud of the unique blend of Brazilian Arabica beans that are blended with a hint of Robusta.

The HiLine Coffee Brookyln Blend

The HiLine Brooklyn pod is another medium roast that is described as walnutty, syrupy, with notes of blueberries. This medium roasted blend contains Arabica beans from Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Kenya.

The comparable Gourmesso coffee capsule is the 100 percent Arabica India Pura Mezzo blend. Not only does Gourmesso have one 100 percent Arabica blend, but we proudly offer three different options to choose from, including a lungo espresso. The Gourmesso Bolivia Pura Mezzo is one blend we can be most proud of. Not only is this blend made from 100 percent Arabica beans grown at an an altitude of 6,000 feet in the Bolivian province of Caranavi, but it is also a certified Fairtrade International coffee. By being a fair-trade certified coffee, we can ensure that the farmers who farm our coffee can live sustainable lives within an ecologically friendly environment. This also helps to grow and develop the emerging markets of the world. We work hand-in-hand with our coffee farmers to make sure the coffee is grown and farmed in the most sustainable ways, and that all farmers get the fair compensation they deserve.

Our Bolivia Pura Mezzo is the only fair-trade coffee capsule for Nespresso®* machines available in the United States. This blend is mildly aromatic, low in acidity and has a subtle note of chocolate.

HiLine Coffee - The Price

A box of the Hiline coffee that contains ten coffee capsules sells for $5.99 and up. Comparably, all espresso from Gourmesso are available for $4.49 for a box of 10 capsules. Our wonderful and unique flavored blends are only $4.59 for a box of 10, which is still significantly lower that the Hiline pods.

HiLine Pods - The Compatibility

Unfortunately, HiLine pods do not work in all Nespresso®* machines. The Pixie and Inissia machines made after 2013 will not properly brew the Hiline coffee pods. This is because of the hard plastic that Hiline uses to make its pods. Unlike Hiline, Gourmesso uses a soft, BPA-free, food grade malleable plastic that works in all Nespresso®* OriginalLine machines. The revolutionary design of the Gourmesso coffee pods ensures that they function properly and well in every OriginalLine Nespresso®* machine.

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