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Nespresso®* Machines for Compatible Coffee Capsules

Which Nespresso®* Machine to Buy

The Nespresso®* Machine was first introduced to the international market in 1990 as the leading single-serving espresso machine that used individual coffee capsules. The idea the Nestle®* company was trying to introduce with a machine that uses coffee capsules was to provide espresso lovers with a quick yet high quality way to make their favorite espressos at home. It wasn't until the 2000's that Nespresso®* started marking machines with their own name. Today, Nespresso®* machines are now bought and sold all over the world.

Throughout the years, Nespresso®* has partnered with other major companies such as Delonghi® and Krups® to develop the Delonghi® Nespresso®* machine and Krups® Nespresso®* machine, making them even more available worldwide. Other manufactures of the Nespresso®* machine include the Swiss-based Eugster/Frismag®. This manufacture is one of the world's leading coffee machine manufactures, but is not known to the public due to the fact they mostly deal in Original Equipment Manufacturing. Some industrial Nepsresso®* machines are also made by Miele®, Siemens®, and Magimix®, however these are the ones found less in consumer house-holds.>

The Nespresso®* OriginalLine machines that are available to US customers are the Lattissima Pro, Lattissima, Maestria, Gran Maestria, CitiZ & Milk, CitiZ, U Pure, Pixie, and available starting June 2014, the Inissia. These machines are what make up the Nespresso®* US OriginalLine Collection, which are seperate machines and capsules to the new VertuoLine Collection.

In February of 2014 Nespresso®* launched a new type of machine in the United States only, the VertuoLine machine. Since the launch, the company has been trying to brand itself as a contender in the large US-style single-serve coffee makers like the Kuerig®. The new VertuoLine machines do not take the small OriginalLine coffee pods, such as the Gourmesso coffee capsules we sell. All OriginalLine machines are compatible with our coffee pods, and you will get an exquisite espresso from each of our blends. Here at Gourmesso our passion is espresso, Italian-style, bold, espresso with that rich crema you'd expect.

So if you're looking for the machine and capsules to deliver that European-style espresso you'd expect from a champion barista, one of the OriginalLine machines would be the ideal Nespresso®* machines to buy.

Gourmesso coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso®* machines like this one.

Other Nespresso®* Machines

The Italian company Delonghi® manufactures a Delonghi® Nespresso®* machine, although they still have the usual names of the Nespresso®* models. The most common Nespresso®* machines manufactured by Delonghi® are the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus models. These are the larger machines that have a built in milk frother and can produce an espresso in only 40 seconds. You also have the possibility to change the flow rates on these Delonghi® Nespresso®* machines. While there may not be just one of the best Nespresso®* machines amongst the different manufactures, the prices are the next thing to use to determine which Nespresso®* machine to buy.

These machine's sleek and urban designs are a great addition to any modern kitchen. An example of this is the Nespresso®* Pixie which is one of the smallest of all the Nespresso®* machines, yet is one of the fast to produce a shot of espresso. For those who want the most authentic coffee house experience Nespresso®* offers, there is the Nespresso®* Maestria machine, which can be almost comparable to an industrial coffee-house espresso machine. Luckily, the Gourmesso coffee capsules work perfectly in any of these machines!

Another Option

Besides Delonghi®, another corporation to produce Nespresso®* machines is Krups®, who produce the Krups® Nespresso®* machine. These machines were designed to by the more affordable options in the Nespresso®* line, and have an easy to use button. The Krups® Nespresso® machine also comes with three different brew settings for lungos, espressos, and ristrettos. All of our compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso®* machines work in the OriginalLine machines made by any manufactorer. 

Best Nespresso®* Machine to Buy: Different Capsules, Same Machine

Although some companies claim that alternative to Nespresso®* capsules don’t work in these machines, the Gourmesso capsules have been specifically designed to work on all accessories and on every make and model, even the Nespresso®* CitiZ and the new Nespresso®* Inissia. The Gourmesso espresso, lungo, and decaf blends pull a perfect esprsso in any one of the best Nespresso®* machines to buy amongst the OriginalLine Collection, but are 30% more affordable. 

If you have limited counter space in your modern-day kitchen, one of the best Nespresso®* machines to buy would be the smaller Pixie or Inissia. If you're wondering which Nespresso®* machine to buy on a budget, than the Inissia is also a great choice. This machine is Nespresso's®* most affordable option yet, and still pulls that exceptional espresso or lungo you'd expect from a more expensive option. You can read even more about other types f machines including the Pixie machine here.

If you're looking for that exact at-home espresso experience that you could enjoy in the coffee house, then maybe a Lattissima or Maestria machine is the best Nespresso®* machine to buy. While the Nespresso®* Gran Maestria can run up to $699, you're guaranteed to get a phenominal espresso, lungo, or even a latte or cappuccinio from this machine. A similar machine is the Lattissima Pro, coming in at around $599, and the Lattissima, which will cost you arond $399. These machines have a milk frother built right into the side of the machine and make creating lattes as simple as pressing a button. Different from some of the other Nespresso®* machines, where you have to froth the milk in a seperate Nespresso®* frother and then manually add it to your espresso shot, the Lattissima and Maestria take care of these steps for you.

Whether your looking for the sleek, modern addition to your families counter top, or the more industrial style espresso maker, our Gourmesso coffee pods are guaranteed to work in all of these OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines. Try them out today!

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