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The Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus

Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus Review

The Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus machine is Nespresso's®* second-most advanced and expensive model avalaible in the United States. It is only topped by the Maestria machine. In the US their are two available types of the Lattissima machine, the Nespresso®* Lattissima Pro and the Nespresso®* Lattissima+, or Lattissima Plus. These more industrial style machines allows anyone to create cafe perfection right at home. The milk frother on this machine is built right into the side, which automatically froths and warms the milk, and immediately dispenses it into your latte cup after the espresso shot.

The new Plus edition was designed with one-touch capabilities that produce a complete latte with the ease of a button. After inserting a Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsule into the machine, it perfectly produces an exceptional espresso, and if you have chosen the latte option, your milk is frothed and added to your glass.

The Nespresso®* Lattissima machine also comes with different pre-programmed buttons including a latte macchiato and a cappuccino setting. Another feature Nespresso®* paid attention to with this design is the size. The Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus is compact enough to fit on most home counter spaces without taking up too much room, and is still powerful enough to deliver a complete cappuccino at the touch of a button.

Gourmesso coffee capsules work perfectly in the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus to give you these great lattes

The Nespresso®* Lattissima - The Pro's vs. The Con's

There aren't to many reasons to complain about this machine. It's expert design makes it one of the most sought after Nespresso®* machines in the higher price scale. If you're trying to decide which one of the Nespresso®* Lattissima machines is right for you, well then you've come to the right place. At Gourmesso we make sure that our coffee capsules work in all current OriginalLine Nespresso®* machines. That means having a lot of espresso's and trying all the machines multiple times! Here's what we found when in our Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus Review with our Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules along with other competitors. 

The Delonghi Lattissima Machine

Nespresso®* has different partnerships with major manufactures around the world to build its machines. One of the most prominent brands found throughout the United States is Delonghi. This Italian company is responsible for manufacturing a number of Nespresso®* machines, including the Delonghi ® Lattissima.

While the Nespresso®* website doesn't explicitly say who manufactures their machines, there is the high chance it is either Delonghi® or Krups®. You can also purchase the Delonghi® Lattissima machines off of Ecommerce websites such as amazon.com.

The Pros - A Cappuccino Maker

There's no easier way to get that perfect coffee house cappuccino at home than with the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus. The whole design has been incorporated just for simple production of cappuccino's and latte's. There are so many different program functions on this machine. From choosing the amount of water you prefer passed through your espresso, to water-hardness settings, to a programmable on/off function, the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus really has it all.

Not only does the machine have the typical espressp and lungo button functions, it also comes with a one-touch cappuccino and latte function! The built-in milk container does all the work required for a fancier coffee beverage, and originally holds around 12 oz of milk. The capsule container in this machine holds around 12 used capsules, making the frequency of needing to empty it much less. 

Of course the Nepresso®* Lattissima Plus was designed to be as compact in size as possible, and for the amount of things this machines does, it's size is quiet impressive. You can even get the machine in 3 different colors!

The Cons:

While the Nespresso®* Lattissima is a tough peice of machinery, it's price can be somewhat off-putting. The most affordable version is the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus comes in at around $400. And the fancier version, the Lattissima Pro is a standarded $600 per machine. While the Lattissima Plus is still designed with a compact model in mind, it is one of the largest Nespresso®* machines in production. Those with less counter space might opt for the Nespresso®* Pixie with it's separate and free-standing aeroccino, rather than the slight bulk of the Nespresso®* Lattissima.

Cafe Style at Home with this Nespresso®* Espresso Machine

The most expensive Nespresso®* machine is that way for a reason. WIth the touch of a button you have an exquisite latte or cappuccino with all the work done for you! You can try any of our 100% Nespresso®* compatible capsules in the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus.

The machine is designed for your forthed milk to be added to your glass before the espresso. You can even control the ratio's of milk vs. espresso that you would prefer your finished cappuccino or latte to have. Try something different once in a while by using almond milk or soy milk, and adding a splash of honey as a sweetener for your latte macchiatos, you're sure to be impressed!

Gourmesso coffee capsules are 100% compatible withe the Nespresso®* Lattissima Plus

If you're looking for a chocolatey cappuccino, try it with the Soffio Cioccolato blend that offers the perfect hints of sweetness. Or for that almond milk latte you could try our Soffio Nocciola, our hazelnut flavored blend. The nutty notes in this exceptional espresso combine perfectly with a nut based milk like almond. Or if you prefer the regular cappuccino from your neighborhood cafe, try our Ristretto Blend Forte or Messico Blend Forte for any of your milk-based beverages!

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