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The Nespresso®* U

Nespresso®* Machines

Nespresso®* has mastered the art of home espresso with bold and exotic flavors. Combined with the specially designed espresso capsules, the patented Nespresso®* machines controls every aspect of the brewing process making it the number one home espresso coffee maker in the market.

For coffee lovers on the go who want a great cup of coffee but either don’t want the hassle of going to the coffee shop or have the time, Nespresso®* OriginalLine Machines provide the perfect solution by creating a high quality coffee maker designed specifically with you in mind.

Nespresso®* Capsule Machines

One of the most popular Nespresso®* capsules machines is the Nespresso®* U, which is now available in a compact size that maintains the high standard and control of bigger machines. It maintains the same high-pressure water system that creates the perfectly brewed cup of espresso, at a greater value that the bigger model.

Similar Nespresso®* capsule machines to the Nespresso®* U include the Inissia and Pixie Machine, but the U, with it’s advanced technology, is a unique design out of all the OriginalLine Machines.

The Nespresso®* U

The Nespresso®* U is a small and dainty looking machine in Nespresso's®* Original Line. Although it may be one of the smallest, the U machine does not fall short on power and performance. This machine was designed taking into account practical details like counter space in the average kitchen as well as the need to produce three different espresso styles with perfection. This machine delivers on all fronts.

The Nespresso®* U makes three different sizes of delicious espresso.

Nespresso®* U Review

From the drip system, to the automatic blend recognition system, identifying each blend and brewing it accordingly, each aspect of the Nespresso®* U is perfectly controlled delivering the best beverage each and every time. With the U, you get a perfect espresso in 25 seconds, and it even ejects the capsule when it is finished.

New Style and Features

The Nespresso®* U is different from other Nespresso®* machines in that its body is made of a recycled plastic material and is therefore lighter. Its size is somewhere in between that of the slightly larger CitiZ machine, and the slightly smaller Pixie machine. But the U machine has a unique feature those comparable machines lack, the Ristretto "size" option.

Nespresso®* said when designing the U they wanted to create a machine that had all the features of their most popular machines, was an efficient size, and was more affordable. By adding the third touch button for the Ristretto size espresso, this machine delivers an exceptional at-home coffee experience you'd expect to find in a modern coffee house.

Nespresso®* U Performance

The Nespresso®* U machine has a small, rotatable water tank that holds 270 oz. of water. The rotatable feature allows the small machine to fit into tight or awkward kitchen corners. The machine warms up, punctures the coffee capsule, brews the espresso size of your choice, and deposits the used capsule into the storage container in about 30 seconds.

The efficient and effective design of this machine is only one of the features that makes it so popular. The second best part of this machine is its price. Nespresso®* was looking for a way to deliver it's high quality machines at a more affordable price, and it did just that with the U. Starting around $194, this is one of Nespresso's®* most affordable option.

In some cases the machine also comes with an aeroccino milk frother included. Customers can also choose different manufacturers of the machine and opt for a Delonghi® U, or a Krups® U.

Nespresso®* Capsules

Here is what really makes the whole thing easy to use. The Nespresso®* U is specifically designed for use with capsules of specially blended espresso grounds ensuring the perfect mixture and flavor. All you have to do is simply pop one of the capsules into the machine and it instantly provides barista quality beverages without all of the hassle of the traditional espresso coffee makers.

They select only the finest grade coffee beans from around the world and craft a perfect flavor profile with specialty roasting techniques that bring out the full body and aroma of the espresso. However, with a price tag of .95 cents per capsule, they can be costly and that cost can be prohibitive if you’re on a budget. Which is why we’re happy to introduce to you a perfect solution for your coffee needs, Gourmesso Coffee Capsules.

Gourmesso Coffee Capsules

The great thing is that Gourmesso now creates espresso capsules that are compatible with all of the OriginalLine machines, including the Nespresso®* U. Gourmesso uses only the best blends from the best growers worldwide. Each of the capsules contain coffee beans that are freshly ground and blended specifically to deliver the desired flavor profile.

Gourmesso coffee capsules are carefully prepared to ensure that you enjoy a deliciously wonderful coffee experience, without the need for expensive tabs in crowded coffee shops. Ultimately, this allows you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home.

The Best Compatible Capsules for Nespresso®* Machines

The best part is that each Gourmesso capsule is only 0.45 cents, compared to other brands, which can cost up to 0.95 cents per capsule! Why pay such high prices when you can reduce spending and still get the best Arabica and Robusta beans from South America, India, and Africa? Plus we seal each blend in air and light tight bundles so that the special blends do not lose their robust flavors and aromas.

The Best Companion

The Nespresso®* U was designed to be efficient, effective, and affordable, and it is just that. What better to use with your machine than our Gourmesso coffee capsules, which are more affordable than Nespresso®* capsules, and are of course 100% compatible with this and all other Nespresso®* OriginalLine machines.

We have over 19 different blends to choose from, and you get free shipping on purchase at or over $50. Try our comaptible capsules for Nespresso®* machines with your U machine today.

The Gourmesso coffee capsules work perfectly in the Nespresso®* U machine

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