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Nespresso®* VertuoLine Review

Nespresso VertuoLine Review - The Premium Large Cup Coffee Market

Single serve coffee machines have been on the market and enjoying a boom among coffee consumers for a little more than three decades bringing quality and convenience together. Nespresso®*, a European division of the Nestle corporation, is known for its line of high-end home espresso machines. They have become a leader at the forefront by surpassing them in categories such as design, functionality, and quality.

Nespresso®* offers a large variety of machines, but for the first time they have put forward a product that brews coffee in addition to espresso. The newest machine to come from the company is the VertuoLine and brings the elite coffee connoisseur an alternative to the other machines. It can be difficult to know which espresso machine would suit your needs with a Nespresso®* VertuoLine machine review may assist you in choosing the right one for you.

Nespresso®* VertuoLine Differences: System and Capsules

Probably the main difference between the VertuoLine system and the alternate line of Nespresso®* single serve espresso machines, other than the ability to brew a cup of coffee as well as espresso, is the brewing technology itself. The VertuoLine employs the "Centrifusion Technology", which uses a spinning method rather than 19 bar pressure system that the other Nespresso®* espresso machines employ. The coffee pod fits into the capsule door on top of the machine and is pierced when closed and locked into position, the machine then reads a bar code printed around the outside edge which communicates to the machine how much water to distribute for the kind of coffee you want to brew. The capsule then spins at 7000 revolutions per minute, which produces on the surface a frothy crema.

The VertuoLine espresso pods hold 8 grams of espresso rather 7 grams found in the other coffee capsules from Nespresso®*’s other machines and because of the newer pod technology, there are no lower priced alternatives from competitive companies available so the only place you can buy the coffee is on the Nespresso®* website. You will find that the selection of Grand Crus espresso and coffees is limited compared to the other machines offered from Nespresso®*; a difference between 10 varietals compared to 22 and even more from alternative coffee capsule sources. This offers limitations to be sure but taking into consideration the newness of the VertuoLine machine, it is inevitable that more flavors will be made available as time goes on.


The VertuoLine machine excels in design and function in its elegant, retro design with rounded top and ridged design on both the water tank and the pod disposal container that sit on either side of the machine. The water tanks on most of Nespresso®*’s other machines can be found in the back and are slightly smaller. Another main difference is that the VertuoLine does not have a power button, which can be confusing at first, but it has an energy saving auto shut off feature if the machine stands idle for 9 minutes. The machines are a stylish addition to the kitchen counter and with three colors to choose from, red, black or chrome, it will not be difficult to find a machine that will complement your décor.

Water Reservoir Size

The water tank of the VertuoLine machine has a 40oz. tank to accommodate the processing of more cups without having to refill as much. The water tank, however, is not fitted with a filter so the use of distilled or filtered water is still the best option; this cuts down on lime deposits that are left behind from tap water which means less often cleaning and descaling.

Insert and Eject Capsules

In the Nespresso®* VertuoLine machine review has found that the unique design reaches to the loading of the coffee capsules. The capsule door is located on the top of the VertuoLine machine is where you will insert the coffee capsule. The lever turns to the left to unlock it and the capsule fits into the basket inside. Close the lid and turn to the lever to the right to lock in place. The coffee or espresso is ready to be brewed at this stage and the brew button on top of the machine need only be pressed. There is no setting to be chosen because of the bar code technology, which communicate the size and amount of water distributed. Used capsules fall immediately into the collection tray after the top is opened again, it is ejected into the coffee collection receptacle that holds up to 14 capsules; the only time you come into contact is when it is time to empty the container.

Drip Tray

The unique design of the drip tray is removable and adjustable. This assists in cleaning but also moving it up to accommodate the different cup sizes, if the tray is removed altogether, a larger cup or travel mug will fit perfectly. The tray is also one of the parts, along with the pod receptacle and the water tank, is dishwasher safe which makes the maintenance of the machine easier.


The VertuoLine machine does have a more specialized function and only brews coffee or espresso compared to the ability for Nespresso®*’s line of espresso machines that can also foam milk with either an added milk frother or a build in machine frother. While there is no milk foaming ability for the in machine foaming, the Aeroccino is available as an added accessory which will round out the coffee house experience if you prefer a latte, cappuccino or just a bit of steamed milk in your coffee.

Auto Shut off – Energy Saving

The VertuoLine machine is fit with an automatic function that shuts down after 9 minutes which is helpful because it will save you energy. This function is important as well because the machine doesn’t have a power button and while this can be confusing at first, you will appreciate the feature because of the energy saving aspect of the machine. If you press the brew button for three seconds, however, it enables you to manually turn the machine off. The heat up mode will have the machine heated and ready to use in 15-20 seconds.

Nespresso®* VertuoLine Price

The VertuoLine machine is available at the suggested retail price of $299, although it has been found for as little as $217. The price reflects the premium quality of the machine and is a bit more of an investment but the benefits outweigh the higher price point; it is marketed for a more discriminating coffee consumer. Nespresso®* offers a variety of sizes of machine at varying degrees of prices to fit the need of the consumer; ranging from $229-$599 on the Nespresso®* website so the VertuoLine is priced at an appropriate amount for what the machine offers in quality and design.


In this Nespresso®* VertuoLine machine review there are many differences shown between other models but the VertuoLine also shares similarities. The same quality of Grand Crus espresso for instance that produces the signature surface crema that adds a richness of the coffee. Another trait that is shared is Nespresso®*’s excellence in combining functionality and style to produce a high quality product for the elite coffee consumer.

Gourmesso Coffee Capsules Compatible with Nespresso®* Machines?

For any fan of Nespresso®* coffee Gourmesso presents itself has a good alternative to it. Nowadays we have 21 different blends to choose from, and you get free shipping on purchase at or over $50. We invite you also to discover our latest offers and promotions, and learn about the benefits of our products and services compared to various Nespresso®* competitors.

The Gourmesso coffee capsules work perfectly in all Nespresso®* machines except VertuoLine.

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