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Best Nespresso®* Machine - Reviews

The Best Nespresso®* Machine - Reviews

Do you want to know which Nespresso®* machine to buy? Are you curious as the which Nespresso®* machine meets your needs, and what basic differences even are amongst the different options? Well you've come to the right place. Here you can browse our different and detailed Nespresso®* machine reviews for each of the different Nespresso®* machines available from Nespresso®* USA. You can also have an clear overview about the different main Nespresso® * machines and compatible capsules suppliers available in the market.

Nespresso®* Machine Reviews

Nespresso's®* line of OriginalLine machines includes:

- Nespresso®* Inissia

- Nespresso®* Pixie

- Nespresso®* Citiz

- Nespresso®* Maestria

- Nespresso Lattissima

- Nespresso®* KitchenAid

- Nespresso®* Essenza

These Nespresso®* machines make up the OriginalLine, and are different from the Nespresso®* VertuoLine machine. We take the time here to make the best Nespresso®* machine reviews, compare them to one another, and highlight what makes them the best Nespresso®* machines. While there are a number of older Nespresso®* machines that could be considered part of the OriginalLine, the machines listed above are the most popular ones. When using Gourmesso alternative to Nespresso®* capsules, don't worry about them not functioning properly in your OriginalLine machines, we've double checked that. For older Nespresso®* machines not listed here it's best to contact our customer service department to be sure our capsules work.

Now, lets explore some of the best Nespresso®* machine reviews.

Nespresso®* Citiz review vs. Nespresso®* Pixie review

The Nespresso®* Citiz and Pixie machines are probably the most popular 2 machines within the Nespresso®* OriginalLine. The Nespresso®* Citiz is touted as a hearty unison of retro design, high technology and other modern elements. The 7.5 lb. machine is very compact and at a height of 10.9 inches this is ready and designed to fit into virtually all elements. The Citiz also has a 34oz removable water tank, and a built in container that holds 12 used capsules. Like all of the best Nespresso®* machines, the Citiz takes only 9 seconds to heat up and be completely available for brewing. The Nespresso®* Citiz review also highlights it's energy-saving feature that turns the machine off after 9 minutes of no use. The Citiz is one of Nespresso®* medium-priced machines, and can usually be purchased for around $250. This does not include the Citiz+Milk, which is the Citiz machine with the built-in milk frother.

Compared to the Nespresso®* Pixie machine, the Citiz is slightly more robust, and expensive. The Nespresso®* Pixie machine is considered one of the best Nespresso®* machines, as reviews have shown. This Nespresso®* machine weighs around 6 lbs and is only 9 inches tall, making it perfect for the smallest of kitchens. Pixie machine reviews have also shown how although small, this machine packs just as much power as the largest Nespresso machines, and can pull an excellent espresso. While the Nespresso®* Pixie does not come with an attachable Aerrocino milk frother, you can buy the stand-alone until. The 2 best Nespresso®* machines are widely considered to be the Citiz and Pixie, and if they are not "the best", they are definitely the most popular.

You can buy compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso®* machines easily online at Gourmesso.

Nespresso®* Pixie review vx. Nespresso®* U review

The Nespresso®* Pixie has already shown to be one of the best Nespresso®* machines, and definitely one of the most popular. Another similar machine is the Nespresso®* U machine. This machine is also compact, perfect for any type of counter space, and has almost the same specs as the Nespresso®* Pixie. There is not a large difference between the U and the Pixie, except perhaps the button functions on the U. While the best Nespresso®* machine Pixie comes in around $229, the Nespresso®* U can be purchase for around $265. The Nespresso®* U offers three different sized espresso brews, a ristretto size, regular espresso size, and a lungo size. Otherwise, the Nespresso®* machine reviews show that the Pixie and U are largely comparable.

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Nespresso®* Reviews

Reviews of the different Nespresso®* products can show just how popular the single-serve coffee is, and how eager users are for different types of coffee.

Nespresso®* Coffee Review

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