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Nespresso®* Citiz Review vs Nespresso®* Pixie Review

Nespresso®* Citiz Review vs. Nespresso®* Pixie Review: Overview

Many consumers look to the instant coffee maker world and frankly have a hard time discerning all that much of a difference. There are many similarities to many of the different instant coffee machines at distinct price points but there are also several ways in which these machines are different. One of the strongest examples would be the Citiz and Pixie machines from Nespresso®*. Here is a Nespresso®* Citiz Review vs. Nespresso®* Pixie Review that you can use to make your own decision about which of the two are the best for your needs.

Nespresso®* Citiz and Nespresso®* Pixie Review

Nespresso®* Citiz Review vs. Nespresso®* Pixie Review: Nespresso®* Citiz

The Nespresso®* Citiz is touted as a hearty unison of retro design, high technology and other modern elements. The 7.5 lb. machine is very compact and at a height of 10.9 inches this is ready and designed to fit into virtually all elements. The Citiz has got a folding drip try for it's Latte Macchiato glass and the 34 oz water tanks fully removable for easy cleaning. One of the great things about the Nespresso®* Citiz is that it's got an automatic "off" mode which kicks in after 9 minutes and is a great energy saver. The Citiz is a member of the original line in the Nespresso®* series and also includes .84 oz, 1.35 oz, 3.72 oz, and 8 oz cup sizes depending on what it is you are looking to brew. Moreover the heat up time on this machine is very fast; 25 seconds. That means that you will be able to get your cups hot and get your coffee fast, when and how you need it.

Nespresso®* Citiz Review vs. Nespresso®* Pixie Review: Nespresso®* Pixie

If you still have not found what you are looking for with the Nespresso®* Citiz then the Nespresso®* Pixie might be a good fit for your needs. The Pixie has got an innovative and advanced design features which really set it apart from the competition. Weighing just 6.6 lb. and with a height of just 9.3 inches you can't really go wrong with its ultra easy to move and maneuver design. The Pixie has got a used container capsule playing host to as many as 11 so your cleaning doesn't need to be as often. The Pixie also has an automatic "off" function which kids in after 9 minutes. The Pixie also goes into an automatic standby after 30 minutes. This machine heats up water very fast; 25 seconds to getting to your full heat capacity. Some of the takeaways for the Pixie beyond the fact that it is fast are also that it's ergonomic, eco-firenldy, and it has got .84 oz, 1.35 oz, 3.72 oz, and 8 oz cup sizes so you can definitely drink your own coffee on your own terms.

Nespresso®* Citiz Review vs. Nespresso®* Pixie Review: Nespresso®* Company

The Nespresso®* coffee machines which are available really cut across so many different needs and uses. Whether you are looking to get one of these Nespresso®* machines for your home, for an afternoon coffee machine that you can use from time to time, you want to get a machine for your office which you and your co-workers can use every day, or you want to get a machine to keep in a common area like that of your building, there are Nespresso®* machines for every type of need or use. The Nespresso®* coffee capsules have got anywhere between 55mg and 89mg of caffeine for each serving, unless you are talking about the decaf capsules which have less than .008 or .005 mg of caffeine in them.

Another thing that Nespresso®* coffee machine users need to be mindful of is the descaling procedures which should be done fairly regularly. If you use your machine often then it's recommended that you descale your machine every 3 months; it you don't use it as often then you might want to consider descaling your machine every 300 capsule uses. The descaling kit available from Nespresso®* has lactic acid solution in it and this helps to reduce the mineral buildup which can occur over time. Mineral buildup can begin to affect your coffee machines wage reflow, water temperature, and overall performance of your machine.

Of course when you are using your Nespresso®* machine you are going to need to use the Nespresso®* capsules. However just because you are buying Nespresso®* capsules that does not mean that you need to buy them directly from the company. There is a great middle man service Gourmesso which allows regular users of their Nespresso®* machines to buy these capsules for as much as 30% less than the listed price from the company. With free shipping on orders of more than $50 and compatibility with all of your Nespresso®* machines, you can't go wrong with the full line of Gourmesso capsule brews.

This Nespresso®* Citiz review and Nespresso®* Pixie review shows Gourmesso capsules work in these machines.

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