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Nespresso®* U Review vs Nespresso®* Citiz Review

Nespresso®* U Review vs Nespresso®* Citiz Review: Differences

Style and Available Colors

The Nespresso®* U is comprised mostly of plastic and is designed in a sleek modern design with colors that range from a black to burnt orange. The Nespresso®* Citiz is a full-bodied espresso and coffee machine with a beautiful retro design. Made of plastic and stainless steel the Citiz is just a bit bigger than the Nespresso®* U but arguably packs bigger flavor and is more favored in taste by reviews.

Water Reservoir Size and Drip Tray

Among the Nespresso®* U's other useful features is a removable drip tray which allows for easy cleaning. The drop tray is easily removed with no additional tools needed to handle the job. The water tank is 27 oz. a decent size for a small machine. If the dip tray is removed the machine is capable to accommodating larger cup sizes, which can put the 27 oz. water tank to good use. Like the U the Citiz has removable parts that make cleaning easy. Even the large 34 oz. water tank is easily removed with no additional tools.

Nespresso®* U Review vs Nespresso®* Citiz Review

Insert and Electable Capsules

Automatic programmable settings memorizes your preferred cup side for next time. When the capsule is emptied the machine will also automatically release the capsule. The Nespresso®* Citiz review shows how the machine can also store up to 10 used capsules before it needs to be cleared out.


A milk frother can be purchased to use with the Nespresso®* U however, the ‘Citiz&Milk’ has a frothing unit already built into it.

Power Consumption

The Quick Start features and Automatic Programming makes the Nespresso®* U fit in seamlessly with fast paced lifestyles. Quick Start enables the machine to be ready to go in 30 seconds or less with low power consumption.

Although the Citiz might be a bit bitter than the U it's size does not slow it down a bit, the machine still provides features that make getting on with life quick and easy. The Nespresso®* Citiz review shows how the machine heats up just about as quickly as the U and it also has programmable brew button that can automatically be set for espresso or coffee.

Energy Saving

The Smart Power technology will automatically turn the Nespresso®* machines off if they are left idle for nine minutes.


The Nespresso®* U is one such machine created by Nestle that is providing people not only a good cup of coffee but competitive pricing as well, at some retailers the Nespresso®* U can be found for less than $200. Nestlé’s aim with the Nespresso®* U was to provide consumers with a cost effect, quick, and easy option for coffee. The Nespresso®* Citiz that retails around $250 and is a bit bigger than the Nespresso®* U.

Pros & Cons


The pros of these two great machines far out weight the costs, consumers can save money and get delicious high quality coffee from home. You can also create drinks quickly and easily with little effort.


Capsules can run out quickly so be sure to stock up. Buttons can be sensitive to touchy.

Which Nespresso®* Machine to Buy

People around the world have taken the gourmet coffee shop into their own homes. There are many different brands available for consumers it is best that you do your research before purchasing, all in all Nespresso®* has done a great job creating two beautiful and reliable machines for your espresso and latte needs.

The Nespresso®* U review shows how the machine boasts many more cool modern features like Smart Sensors which will feature a warning light is displayed with the water is too low or the capsule container has become full and needs to be replaced.

A Nespresso®* U review shows how it is the perfect machine both in price and in design to create a variety of drinks in the comfort of your own home. The Nespresso®* U has not only been designed to be both durable and beautiful but it also has been designed to fit modern lifestyles offering a quick start up speeds and production. Its design also allows the water tank to be rotated to fit into any living space large or small.

The Nespresso®* Citiz review shows that although priced a little higher, it does the same jobs as the Nespresso®* U while retaining a great looking design. The Nespresso®* Citiz is functional with a beautiful design that makes creating delicious espressos, cappuccinos and latte drinks easy. The Nespresso Citiz review shows how it also hauls a high pressure pump that has 19 bars of pressure, the result is a better quicker pump from this machine than the Nespresso®* U. The Nespresso®* Citiz review shows how it can also heats water quickly and can bring espressos and lattes to just the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.

If you love coffee but do not want to continue to pay the high price of gourmet coffee shops or learn advanced barista techniques of the professionals then investing in a personal Nespresso®* machine will be a wonderful decision. Try the Gourmesso Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules in either one of these machines!

A Nespresso®* U review and a Nespresso®* Citiz review both show how Gourmesso's Nespresso®* coffee capsules work well in them!

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