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The Nespresso®* Cosi

Nespresso®* is considered to be a luxury product; a brand that sets the standard for quality and sophistication. Nespresso®* machines brew single cup espressos, from pre-apportioned blends that you can purchase. The different Nespresso®* varieties come in all flavors and are sold worldwide.

Nespresso®* Cosi

Nespresso®*'s Cosi is a rather popular blend, because it is made up of lightly roasted East African, Central and South American Arabicas to make a light-bodied espresso with delightful citrus notes. It is both sweet and fruity, so it appeals to espresso lovers of all types. This is a mild blend that you can simply take black, no milk or cream needed. The fruit really pops in this blend! It is well rounded, and very relaxing. Enjoy this one on your day off.

A Nespresso®* Cosi reviews states that the Nespresso®* Cosi has a nice, smooth finish and works well as an iced or blended coffee drink. Some Nespresso®* Cosi reviews call it a light roast with a 'plain' body. The Nespresso®* Cosi also has some delicious chocolate overtones and is perfect for the chocolate lover! Reviewers say that this blend has some obvious dark chocolate notes and even some caramel flavor. Try it alongside a chocolate biscotti or cookies.

Gourmesso Compatible Capsules

If you are looking to order Nespresso®* compatible capsules for your OriginalLine Nespresso®* machine, there are a number of options out there. Typically, ordering the Nespresso®* Cosi online will cost you around $6.50 per set of ten, if you purchase directly from Nespresso®*. Most people find this a bit too expensive for their daily habits, pricing the Nespresso®* out of their reach. Regular coffee drinkers have come to view the Nespresso®* as something that is just too 'snobby' for today's world, where most of us are living on a budget. Which is exactly where the ordering Nespresso®* compatible capsules comes in to play! No longer is the Nespresso®* machine out of your budget.

Our most similar coffee capsule to the Nespresso®* Cosi is the Brasile Blend Dolce. Made from Arabica coffee beans from the high mountains of South America, the Brasile Blend Dolce offers subtle hints of citrus. The light roasting process of these beans ensures the delivery of a fresh and smooth finish to the espresso. We also ensure a slow roasting process so that all of the unique flavors of these beans can be brought to light, similar to the Nespresso®* Cosi. Should you be looking for a little more variety we recommend the Gourmesso Bundles. Offering 10 different blends and varying intensity levels from 3-10, the Trial Bundle Small is the perfect starter kit for Gourmesso novices.

Brasile Blend Dolce Trail Bundle Small

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Trial Bundle Small: $45.50

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Nespresso®* Compatible Coffee Capsules

While we agree that the Nespresso®* varieties are unique and interesting coffee capsules, we pride ourselves on selecting and offering the same quality that you've come to expect from Nespresso®*. Choosing Gourmesso alternative capsules comes with many advantages: You save 30% compared to Nespresso®* capsules. You do not have to register in order to place an order in the Gourmesso Online Shop. There is no minimum order value, you decide how many packs you want to buy. Free Shipping from $50. Take advantage of these benefits while enjoying delicious coffee. Further details about the advantages of Gourmesso can be found in our Nespresso®* vs. Gourmesso comparison.

Price Comparison: Nespresso®* vs. Gourmesso

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