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The Nespresso®* Kazaar

Nespresso®* varieties are often recognized as some of the most intense coffee capsules available today. The Nespresso®* Kazaar is the most intense espresso amongst the different Nespresso® * coffees, and is often considered one of the best Nespresso®* capsules. This rich, bold, and unforgettable blend was originally featured as a special varieties as part of the regular monthly promotions. People seemed to have fallen in love with this blend, and after popular demand it was brought back twice as a promotion, and then finally as a permanent addition to the Nespresso®* Grand Cru line.

The Nespresso®* Kazaar

The Nespresso®* Kazaar, as noted above, is the strongest blend offered. Described as exceptionally intense and syrupy, the Nespresso®* Kazaar was originally created as a special edition variety in 2010. Clearly this variety offers something special for it to warrant such a rabid following, to the point where Nespresso®* was forced to stand up and pay attention! The Kazaar is typically prepared as a Ristretto and enjoyed in small cups but can work just as well in milk-based coffee drinks since the flavor is so strong and assertive that it can stand up to the milk.

The Nespresso®* Kazaar is created by combing a blend of two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala, which are prepared only for Nespresso®*, with an Arabica from South America that is separated roasted before being combined for the final product. As with all Nespresso®* products, these select beans are carefully harvested, roasted and ground to provide the best possible product. This intricate combination of beans creates a peppery note in the espresso, along with a touch of nutmeg and cloves that leaves a creamy finish.

Gourmesso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Comparable to the Nespresso®* Kazaar would be our own Gourmesso Ristretto Blend Forte, which is a very intense and full-bodied blend. Also intense is the Gourmesso Etiopia Blend Forte, but its difference lies in the coffee's subtle notes of citrus. Should you be looking for a little more variety we recommend the Gourmesso Bundles. Offering 10 boxes and varying intensity levels from 3-10, the Espresso Bundle Small is the perfect starter kit for Gourmesso novices.

Ristretto Blend Forte Espresso Bundle Small

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Nespresso®* Compatible Coffee Capsules

While we agree that the Nespresso®* varieties are unique and interesting coffee capsules, we pride ourselves on selecting and offering the same quality that you've come to expect from Nespresso®*. Choosing Gourmesso alternative capsules comes with many advantages: You save 30% compared to Nespresso®* capsules. You do not have to register in order to place an order in the Gourmesso Online Shop. There is no minimun order value, you decide how many packs you want to buy. Free Shipping from $50. Take advantage of these benefits while enjoying delicious coffee. Further details about the advantages of Gourmesso can be found in our Nespresso®* vs. Gourmesso comparison.

Price Comparison: Nespresso®* vs.Gourmesso

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