100 Espresso Capsules + Cleaning & Descaling Kit For Nespresso Original Machines




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Get a taste of what Gourmesso Coffee has to offer to your Nespresso Original Machine by trying 10 of our essential espresso pod offerings! Keep your Nespresso machine in tip-top shape by utilizing our Cleaning & Descaling Kit!

If you are a regular Nespresso machine user you will find that the machine gradually gets dirty with repeat use, and often times this can result in the loss of coffee quality.  

This features our new and convenient 2-in-1 Cleaning Kit for Nespresso Original machines which will help you descale and clean your Nespresso Machine to improve the taste of your coffee. We recommend cleaning your machine every 3 months if you drink more than 1 espresso a day, every 4 months if you drink 1 espresso per day, and every 6 months if you drink 1-3 espresso shots a week. 

Descaling Instructions

  1. Completely empty the descaling bottle into the water reservoir
  2. Add enough water to fill the remainder of the reservoir
  3. Brew your machine until the water reservoir is empty
  4. Refill the reservoir with water
  5. Brew your machine until the water reservoir is empty
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 three times

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Load the cleaning capsule into your Nespresso Original machine
  2. Brew the largest cup size twice
  3. Remove the cleaning capsule from your machine
  4. Brew the machine with no capsule twice

Bundle Contents:

  • 1 pack of Brasile Blend Dolce - Intensity 3
  • 1 pack of Almond - Mandorla - Intensity 5
  • 1 pack of Chocolate - Cioccolato  - Intensity 5
  • 1 pack of Hazelnut - Nocciola - Intensity 5
  • 1 pack of Vanilla - Vaniglia - Intensity 5
  • 1 pack of Colombia Pura Forte - Intensity 8
  • 1 pack of Tarrazu Forte - Intensity 8
  • 1 pack of Nite Owl - Intensity 10
  • 1 pack of Midnite Monkey - Intensity 11
  • 1 pack of Late Nite Lemur - Intensity 12
  • 1 Cleaning Capsule for Nespresso Original Machines
  • 1 bottle of Descaling Solution

Intensity Range

Dolce (3) - Forte (12)


Our Capsules work in Nespresso Original machines ONLY (formerly: OriginalLine)

Gourmesso Capsules do NOT fit in Nespresso Vertuo machines (formerly: VertuoLine), Dolce Gusto, Keurig, nor other systems.

Light - Dark

3 - 12