Glorybrew Cold Brew Coffee Filter | DIY Cold Brew Coffee Kit (2 Quart)

Glorybrew, the makers of your favorite compostable K-cup alternatives, introduce to you the simplest way to make cold brew coffee at home, in your office, or even in your car.


1 coffee filter – stainless steel (for a 2 Quart Mason jar)
1 coffee scoop
1 stainless steel straw
1 mason jar top with hole for straw
Just add: a 2 quart (large standard size) mason jar and any ground coffee of your choice! 

Directions (card included):

1. Scoop coffee into filter and place filter in jar
2. Fill jar with water
3. Let sit for at least 6 hours. Then remove filter and grounds and enjoy!

Coffee grounds are your choice – so pick your favorite beans and enjoy a less acidic cup of coffee with cold brew. How much coffee you add and how long you allow it to brew (sit) is also up to you. Make a super concentrated version to save time, and simply add water to desired strength. Store excess in the refrigerator.

  • SAVE MONEY – Cold brew is nothing more than coffee grounds that sit in water. Why pay so much for pre-made cold brew coffee? Control your own strength, taste, and save money with a cold brew filter
  • IT’S EASY TO MAKE YOUR OWN COLD BREW – Like 1-2-3, the directions on the insert explain the steps: 1 Add coffee, 2 Add water, 3 Let Sit
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED – Except a 2 quart Mason Jar (we know you already have one, if not – time for a visit to grandma’s) Our Cold Brew Kit comes with the finest mesh coffee filter, a coffee scoop, and a top that fits wide mouth mason jars with a hole to fit the included stainless steel, reusable straw
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Stop wasting packaging from bottled cold brew or disposable, cheap cloth cold brew filters, make a one-time purchase of a dishwasher safe and reusable filter for cold brew, and help save the planet!
  • GREAT GIFT – Coffee lover gift, a present for hipsters, or just crafters and DIY-ers; Can also be used as a tea filter for cold brew tea for tea lovers! Plus, we GUARANTEE that you love the quality of your filter - contact us with any queries!