Glorybrew Compostable Keurig KCups - 12ct - Lady Vanilla

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Discover our fully COMPOSTABLE** K-Cup* compatible coffee pods for Keurig* machines!

Roast Level Medium

Aromatic Profile

This smooth, premium Arabica coffee marries creamy vanilla bean flavors to present you with an extraordinary cup of java. Our coffee beans are roasted to perfection and blended brilliantly with sweet vanilla flavoring and then packaged into our compostable Glorybrew pods.

These beans are proudly offered in our compostable Keurig* compatible pods made from bio-based materials. These pods work to give nutrients back to the soil and reduce plastic waste, while still offering an easy and delicious cup of coffee from your Keurig* machine.


Keurig machines, including 2.0
Glorybrew Keurig Kcup pods are NOT compatible with Nespresso systems

Enjoy Glorybrew coffee pods guilt-free and with great taste.
** Glorybrew pods are certified compostable in Industrial Facilities only. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. The pods are not certified/suitable for backyard composting, as no current certification exists
K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Glorybrew single serve coffee cups are not affiliated with nor approved by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Not certified for backyard composting.