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Nespresso® * Varieties

Nespresso®* prides itself on being a brand that provides high quality coffee in a number of different blends and flavors. There are 16 different Nespresso® * varieties that range from espressos, lungos, ‘pure origines’, and decafs. The complete collection of Nespresso®* flavors and blends is known as the ‘Grand Crus’, and each Nespresso® * capsule variety is intended to be unique.

Different Capsule Options

The largest section of the Nespresso®* varieties are the espressos. Here you will find seven different blends that range from the strongest espressos Nespresso® * makes, to the more smooth and light tastes. Certain capsules like the Cosi are a light and citrusy flavored blend, while the Ristretto is a bold and strong flavor that leaves a lasting impression. Some of the other Nespresso® * capsule variety also have hints of caramel and baked coffee beans that are matched with a stronger acidity and flavor. Gourmesso prides itself on giving consumers a wide variety of Nespresso®* alternative capsules to choose from as well. 

Long-pour Espressos

The Nespresso®* Lungo choices are espresso capsules that give you the longer pour some drinkers seek with their espresso. The Nespresso®* Lungo capsule comes in three different blends, Fortissio, Vivalto, and Linizio. The Fortissio is the most intense of the three Nespresso®* Lungo blends, while the Vivalto and Linizio are both more subtle.

Other Nespresso® * Varieties

Besides the espresso and lungo capsules, there are also three Nespresso®* flavors, Ciocattino, Vanilio, and Caramelito. The Ciocattino, the chocolate flavor of the Nespresso®* capsules, is a variety that has a bitter yet chocolatey bite to it. The Vanilio has a slight sweetness, and the Caramelito Nespresso® * flavor has traces of toasted caramel.

While Nespresso® * is offering these delightful blends for around $0.90 cents per capsule, Gourmesso offers our own varieties at a price that’s 30% less. Whether you’re looking for the strongest ‘pure origin’ flavor or a smooth hazelnut flavor, you can find them all at Gourmesso. Find out more about the Ristretto and our comparable blend here.

Are you looking for the Gourmesso alternative to your favorite Nespresso® * blend? Visit the pages below to find out which of our capsules are similar to the different Nespresso® * varieties. 

These nespresso varieties are as rich and bold as Gourmesso blends

  • Kazaar * 
  • Dharkan * 
  • Ristretto * 
  • Arpeggio * 
  • Roma * 
  • Livanto * 
  • Capriccio * 
  • Volluto * 
  • Cosi * 
  • Indriya from India * 
  • Rosabaya de Colombia * 
  • Dulsao do Brasil * 

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