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Are Coffee Capsules an expensive pleasure? 

Price comparison of different coffee capsule offers

Pricing Comparison Gourmesso vs Nespresso

Suppliers of compatible coffee capsules have existed since the disappearance of the patents on the Nespresso original capsule.  Ever since 2013, Gourmesso has been offering its capsules and have captured thousands of customers convinced of their quality. Nowadays, there are more and more suppliers of compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso machines and the more opportunities you have as a customer, the better. Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep an overview. Gourmesso would like to bring light into the darkness.

On this page you will find a general overview of different suppliers, as well as individual comparisons in the price and overall offer, and also to introduce you to Gourmesso capsules, because we are convinced that we can make you a happy and wiser customer. So get to know us!

Coffee capsules price comparison! Are quality & price an expensive pleasure?

To give you a more accurate information on prices and acknowledging the fact that preferences within customers vary as much as their orders, all our price comparisons are based on an average capsule price. By doing this we are able to offer you a very easy and visual comparison on different types of coffee such as Espressos, Lungos, Flavors, Decaf capsules sold by different manufactures, in combination with a general overview that will reflect advantages on the quality & price of the products & services. In the end we hope to help you on your decision making process.

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Gourmesso Nespresso Hiline Artizan Spresso Luxe Cafeliegeois Rosso Kiss me Organics
Number of blends over 25 24 20 7 5 11 16 5
Fairtrade coffees 24 X 1 7 X 4 X X
Bio certificate 8 X 1 7 X X X 5
Intensity 3 to 12 3 to 12 4 to 10 6 to 10 4 to 8 3 to 10 4 to 12 X
Avg. capsule price (All blends) $0,49 (28*) $0,72 (25*) $0,64 (20*) $0,70 (7*) $0,45 (5*) $0,59 (11*) $0,55 (16*) $0,47 (5*)
Avg. capsule price (Espresso) $0,47 (10*) $0,71 (13*) $0,64 (9*) $0,70 (6*) $0,45 (4*) $0,62 (7*) $0,55 (5*) $0,47 (2*)
Avg. capsule price (Lungo) $0,51 (6*) $0,70 (3*) $0,63 (2*) $0,70 (1*) $0,45 (1*) $0,60 (2*) $0,61 (4*) $0,47 (1*)
Avg. capsule price (Flavors) $0,47 (9*) $0,75 (3*) $0,70 (8*) $0,70 (1*) X $0,48 (2*) $0,54 (6*) $0,47 (1*)
Avg. capsule price (Decaf) $0,50 (4*) $0,70 (6*) $0,60 (1*) $0,70 (1*) X $0,60 (1*) $0,49 (1*) $0,47 (1*)
* number of existing blends
Note: 2 of our Decaffeinated blends are also considered Espressos and the other 2 Lungos.

The winning combination! Take a look at the facts!

Capsules assortment


✔ Gourmesso offers the largest assortment of compatible capsules for Nespresso machines of any company out there: ✓ over 25 different varieties in total, including ✓ 10 espressos, ✓ 6 lungos, ✓ 4 decafs and ✓ 12 flavor blends.

✔ The capsules are up to 40% less than the Nespresso versions.

✔ Gourmesso capsules are made with Fairtrade coffee, ensuring every member of the supply chain gets fair value for their labor.

✔ We also offer the largest assortment of Fairtrade and Organic pods of the market.


Capsules price

✔ When it comes to price, Gourmesso is also a valid option as it offers the second cheapest price if we consider the average price of all blends combined, and on each type of coffee category. Additionally, Gourmesso also scores with the biggest assortment of Bio and Fairtrade capsules of the market that is not guaranteed by one of the competitors with cheaper capsule prices and poorly fulfilled by the other one.

✔ Offers a fantastic coffee on a fast and uncomplicated way. Many people nevertheless consciously choose a capsule machine and we on Gourmesso also appreciate the rapid enjoyment.

Different capsule providers 

Also, if you would like to know more about Gourmesso and the advantages of our products in direct comparison with other compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso machines, we recommend the individual comparison pages:

Comparison with Nespresso brand

If a combination of price & quality for compatible capsules for Nespresso machines is important to you, we recommend you order online. 

Still curious? The best is yet to come! 

The advantages and benefits of Gourmesso


1. Compatible with Nespresso Original

All our coffee capsules are 100% compatible with the usual Nespresso machines.

2. Bio & Fairtrade

Enjoy the Bio & Fairtrade certified coffee capsules from the best coffee regions in the world.

3. Up to 40% cheaper than the original

When purchasing Gourmesso coffee capsules you save up to 40% compared to Nespresso.

4. Over 25 different coffees

Espresso, Lungo or Flavors? With us you will surely find your favorite varieties.

Free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

6. Fast delivery

Your goods will be delivered within 1-4 working days.

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Would you like to try Gourmesso but you're still not convinced? For our new and returning customers, we offer different coupons and promo codes for our compatible capsules.

Take advantage of all of the benefits that come with using/drinking Gourmesso and convince yourself!


Gourmesso varieties and intensities!

Varieties are important to us!

Customers have different tastes, we know. In the rarest cases, our customers order only one type of espresso, lungo or flavored coffee. A survey has shown that, for example, 60% of our customers want different forms of preparation and intensities of coffee at different times of the day. We are able to offer you over 25 varieties of coffee capsules filled with the finest coffee from a wide range of cultivation areas and gentle roasting, which is hardly common in the compatible capsule market.

Gourmesso intensities!

In order to make your choice easier, many coffee cups are based on the intensity scale, which many customers already know from Nespresso's website. We have also taken over this system. As our 28 coffee varieties offer in the intensities 3 - 12, where 3 is a rather mild coffee and coffees with the intensity 12 are stronger. The intensity of the coffee is influenced not only by the origin of the beans, but also by the roasting. Many of our customers prefer the varieties with higher intensities. The Espressso, which has the lowest intensity with us, is the Brasile Blend Dolce . He completed the WDR in 2014 when he tested a compatible coffee capsule for a Nespresso machine as a test winner in the taste.



Compatibility with NespressoMachines

Concerning compatibility there shouldn’t be any problems with products explicitly declared to be compatible with Nespresso machines. Yet, sadly there are. There are several customer reviews complaining about this particular problem. Problems can occur during the brewing process or even beforehand. The material of some capsules is too rigid to work properly in OriginalLine Nespresso machines. Compatible coffee capsules for Nespresso machines made by Gourmesso are tested with all available OriginalLine machines throughout their entire development process to ensure their functionality.

Fairtrade certification - our contribution to fairtrade coffee


Since 2015, most of the Gourmesso coffees have been Fairtrade certified. An exception to this is our cooperative coffees with the Berliner Kaffeerösterei and the San Francisco coffee company. Working with Fairtrade is important to us, as fairtrade certification allows us to guarantee that a minimum price and a fairtrade bonus is paid for our coffees. Fairtrade also certifies only coffee farms that meet certain standards. This is all about social, ecological and economic factors.

Some of our coffees also bear the European organic seal, since they come from controlled organic farming.

Packaging and material of the capsules

As far as packaging is concerned, a comparison shows that many manufacturers orient themselves on the original. Black cardboard with color accents for fast optical orientation between the different varieties. Compatible capsules are usually made of plastic and are recycled through the Dual System. Our capsules are BPA free, so they do not contain plasticizers. This is important to protect the health of our customers. We at Gourmesso also mark our capsules with differently colored foils that close our capsules, so that they can still distinguish them after unpacking. At the moment, we are developing the next generation of capsules: the compostable capsule that will mitigate the biggest coffee capsule problem of all times: waste. Research and technology will get us there in time.  Is the environment & its sustainability  important to you?

How can I save on Nespresso machines compatible pods?

As described in the introduction, you can buy capsules for your Nespresso machine in many supermarkets and drugstores. The original capsules are also available in Nespresso boutiques in many European cities. Gourmesso capsules can also be bought in the shop. Many providers also sell their capsules online via their own webshop or Amazon. If the price of compatible capsules for Nespresso machines is an important criteria for you, you should check out the various coupon pages on the Internet or subscribe to the newsletter of the supplier of your choice: so make sure you do not miss a special offer.


Tip: Pay attention to shipping costs! These are struck in many webshops with small orders. Gourmesso ships for free on orders of $50 or more.