Keurig Compatible - Compostable Pods


Billions of disposable, plastic coffee pods end up in landfills every year that will virtually never break down. In just one year, with pods placed side by side, this waste could wrap around the earth over ten times.

This no longer has to be the case; your purchase of Glorybrew is a vote for Mother Nature and a rebellion against the destructive, wasteful norm! Proudly, Glorybrew coffee pods for Keurig®* machines are completely compostable, meaning that within about 12 weeks the entire pod will break down into clean soil to be added back into our ecosystem in an industrial compost facility. We offer the sustainable alternative to wasteful plastic Keurig K-Cups*

Compostable vs Biodegradable vs Recyclable Explained

BPI Certified Compostable (Best) – Glorybrew 

Select items that are certified to decompose by a specified rate of time.  Our Glorybrew pods decompose after just a few weeks in commercial composting facilities.

Biodegradable (Good) 

Refers to anything  that breaks into smaller and smaller pieces until microorganisms can consume it. There is no data to support that many of the things claiming to be biodegradable will actually be broken down in landfills. 

Recyclable (Ok) 

Recyclable products are anything  that can be remade into something new.


The finest coffee, packaged in the most innovative, single-serve pod that’s right for our planet

Our alternatives to Keurig K-Cup®* coffee pods are proudly offered in our 100% compostable BPI® certified pods made from bio-based materials. These pods work to give nutrients back to the soil and reduce plastic waste, while still offering an easy and delicious cup of coffee from your Keurig®* machine. The technology that Glorybrew pods use enables 100% of the pod to return to usable soil in as little as 12 weeks, which certifies us as providing biodegradable products. You can discover more details about our 100% compostable pods for Keurig®* Machines here


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