Organic Coffee Pods for Nespresso Machines - Much More Affordable  

USDA Organic

There are concrete regulations that must be met for a product to be certified USDA Organic. For example, the growing soil for the coffee beans must not have been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers within the previous three years. The beans must also be grown in shaded conditions and in close proximity to a natural, wooded region. For a coffee to be labeled as USDA Organic, it must follow at least 95% of the established organic guidelines, and genetically modified material must be less than 0.9%. It must also not be mixed with any artificial flavors. These factors are ways to ensure the natural taste of the coffee is of the utmost quality.

In addition to our organic offerings, the Gourmesso brand has been Fairtrade certified since 2014.


What does Fair trade mean exactly? Fairtrade signifies more than just a fair price. Fairtrade products ensure that coffee producers are not only receiving a fair wage, but also a better standard of living for their labor. It also ensures workers possess their own freedom and work in a safe environment. When you consume a product authorized with the Fairtrade seal, you can be sure that you are not supporting any type of inhumane working condition or forced labor. In addition to these social conditions, Fairtrade also considers environmental responsibility. Fairtrade certified farms are subject to certain environmental standards, including the prohibition of various pesticides. These efforts are only the beginning of our journey to become more conscious of our environmental footprint.