Compatible Nespresso Machines

We've heard time and again that customers who have purchased a Nespresso machine are told capsules from other suppliers will damage their machine. We are happy to say that this is not true, at least for Gourmesso products. When used correctly, our capsules are compatible with majority of current Nespresso Original  machines (formerly: OriginalLine). They have been developed for Nespresso Original  machines and tested with available Originalmodels throughout the entire development process. We also test new models for compatibility.

The exceptions are Nespresso coffee machines for commercial use, which use pads instead of capsules, and Nespresso built-in appliances, such as those from Miele. Models branded Saeco, Jura and Siemens, and of course those with drip filters are not compatible.

Gourmesso is Not compatible with Vertuo machines.

When using Gourmesso capsules in some machines, the closing mechanism might be a little more difficult to operate. As our capsules are made of a soft, BPA-free plastic, you simply need to push a little harder. This will not damage your machine. Learn more about Gourmesso capsules.

Compatible Machines:

Our capsules are NOT suitable for the following models: 

  • VertuoLine Nespresso Machines
  • Siemens Machines
  • Saeco Machines
  • Dolce Gusto Machines
  • Miele Machines
  • Jura Machines
  • Commercial Nespresso Machines
  • Espresso Coffee Machines (e.g. Krups F89...)

    Please note that Gourmesso capsules are only suitable for the Nespresso Original system. They are not compatible with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machines nor Vertuo machines! For further questions concerning Gourmesso capsules, please go here.


    Would you like to try Gourmesso but you're still not convinced?

    Take advantage of all of the benefits that come with using/drinking Gourmesso and convince yourself! For our new and returning customers, we offer different coupons and promo codes for our compatible capsules. 

    Compatible Keurig®* machines with Glorybrew coffee pods


    Our 100% compostable pods work in most K-Cup* brewers and in all popular Keurig* machines, even 2.0s! These pods DO NOT work in Keurig* Vue or Rivo* brewers. Below is a list of the most popular Keurig* machines our pods work in:

  • Keurig* K15 Classic Series
  • Keurig* K70/K75
  • Keurig* K55 Classic Series
  • Keurig* K250 Plus Series
  • Keurig* K475 Plus Series