About our Better-Than-Recyclable Keurig Compatible Pods


Glorybrew 100% Compostable BPI Certified & Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee Pods for Keurig Machines

Do Glorybrew eco-friendly K-Cup* pods work in my Keurig* machine?

Yes. Our 100% compostable k-cup* alternatives to Keurig K-Cup* coffee plastic pods work in most K-Cup* brewers and in all popular Keurig* machines and will not damage your machine. As verified by our customers' reviews, there is no problem with leaking or bursting, like with some of the other mesh K-cups. These better than biodegradable pods DO NOT work in Keurig* Vue or Rivo* brewers. They also DO NOT work in any type of Nespresso machine. 

What are better than recyclable pods made from?

Enjoy coffee pods for Keurig machines that are 100% compostable! Compostable differs from biodegradable or just recyclable; it's much better! Made from plant-based materials, these pods will completely disintegrate in industrial compost piles in just under 12 weeks. Our alternatives to Keurig K-Cup* coffee pods consist of the following innovative materials:

  • A compostable lid and ink system that even works with Keurig* 2.0 machines.
  • A unique brown outer ring made completely from bio-based materials that also break down. No petroleum-based plastics are used in Glorybrew coffee pods.
  • A soft, compostable mesh filter, made using renewable bio-based materials.
  • What's the filter made of?

    The filter mesh and the other components of the coffee pod are made of  biodegradable materials that can be composted. Similar to food, they will break down within weeks while turning into clean and usable soil.


    Is this coffee Fair Trade Certified?

    No, instead we are also proud to offer coffee certified by the Rainforest Alliance™. This means our coffee is grown to meet standards that support environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Please check each individual Glorybrew blend for its certifications.

    Where do our "Green" Keurig K-Cup* pods come from?

    OurK-Cup alternative coffee pods compatible with Keurig* Machines are sourced from a premium selection of coffee beans from farms in South and Central America that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. The coffee is packaged in BPI certified 100% compostable pods in Canada and then shipped to our warehouse in Miami, Florida, and around the country from there. 

    What kind of blends do we offer ?

    With our trio of “royal” roasts, Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark, you’ll get an exceptional coffee from your Keurig* machine every time. We also announced in 2019 new flavored Glorybrew better than recyclable flavored coffee pods: Sir Hazelnut and Lady Vanilla with the same compostable guarantee.