Fairtrade Coffee Pods - Compatible With Nespresso Machine


Gourmesso stands for fair, sustainable coffee, transparency and sense of responsibility.
That is why we use Fairtrade-certified coffee for all Gourmesso varieties.

Fair Trade is on the rise. Today more than ever, consumers are asking for products certified with the Fair Trade label. In step with a growing sense of solidarity in the world community, consumers want to not only buy the highest quality products, but know these products are harvested and refined under the most responsible socially-economical conditions.
Gourmesso stands for fair, sustainable coffee, transparency and sense of responsibility. That is why we use Fairtrade-certified coffee for all Gourmesso varieties.

What Is Fair Trade?

Fairtrade is an initiative to promote fair trade. They are committed to improving the living and working conditions of disadvantaged producers around the world. Coffee is produced to 80% by 25 million small farmers who have less than 10 hectares of land available. These often earn less than $2 a day and are confronted with fluctuations in the world market price, climate change, weak negotiating positions and crop failures. Fairtrade provides coffee producers with a constant income, co-right to justice and support in adapting to environmental conditions. They offer protection to small farmers and thus counteract exploitation and discrimination against workers as well as child labor and forced labor. Fairtrade favors establishing long-term relationships between traders and producers. The certified sites must comply with pre-defined environmental standards in order to protect nature on the ground. Compliance with the standards is checked by independent inspectors of FLO-Cert GmbH and supported by consultants.

Fairtrade Certificate

The fairtrade certificate is awarded for agricultural products such as bananas, flowers, cocoa, cotton, coffee and many more as well as for craft products and areas such as tourism. The award of the fairtrade label is subject to strict conditions. Only products which are proven to contain 100% fair-trade ingredients can be certified with the fairtrade label. "Changing life through change in trade", "Rethinking trade" - these are the premises of Fairtrade. Based on these basic ideas, authoritative standards have been established. The so-called "three pillars for sustainable development" include: social, environmental and economic.

How does Fairtrade work?

How Fairtrade works in detail, we would like to demonstrate the example of the Tarrazu Forte. The Tarrazu Forte is an Arabica coffee specialty, which is best described with the attributes of racy, spirited and spicy. The coffee beans for our Tarrazu come from the region of the same name in Costa Rica. One of the most important coffee cultivation areas in the world. The nutrient-rich volcanic soil and the optimal climate contribute to the Tarrazu Forte to a special taste experience with aromatic fruit acid thrives. The name Tarrazu originates from the Huetar Indians, the original inhabitants of the area.
They support the construction of houses in the region, promote the school education of the local children and help coffee farmers to rebuild and manage their fields after the coffee market crisis in the years 2001-2004. Above all, the responsible management of the natural resources and the appropriate training of the coffee farmers. The company's revenues are deliberately invested in improving the working and living conditions of farmers and their families.
Since 2004, CoopeAgri coffee Fairtrade has been certified. This will enable farmers to be more strongly encouraged and supported. More than 35,000 coffee farmers, workers and their family members have benefited from CoopeAgri. The quality of the products is constantly examined by our own laboratories. Positive or negative developments can be passed on directly to farmers.

Gourmesso Fairtrade products

When buying the Tarrazu Forte, you support both the Costa Rican coffee farmers and the protection of the environment in this area. In the coffee market, there are only a few vendors, with such a wide range of Fairtrade products as Gourmesso. From Mexico via Africa to India: Gourmesso takes you on a journey around the world, to impressive places and landscapes. Learn more about our Fairtrade coffees and their cultivation areas on the following pages.