Keurig Compatible Machines

Which Keurig machines will support Glorybrew compostable coffee pods?

Glorybrew BPI Certified Coffee Pods for Keurig machines are made to fit all of the modern and new Keurig Machines which include the following:

Keurig K15
Keurig K50
Keurig K250
Latest Models
Keurig K-Select
The K Series
Keurig K10
Keurig K15
Keurig K40
Keurig K45, Keurig K50 and Keurig K55
Keurig K60 and Keurig K65
Keurig K70 and Keurig K75
Keurig K79
Keurig K130
Keurig K140 and Keurig K145
Keurig K150 and Keurig K155
Keurig K200
Keurig K250
Keurig K300 and Keurig K-350
Keurig K400, Keurig K425, Keurig K450 and Keurig K475
Keurig K525C, Keurig K-525, Keurig K550 and Keurig K575
Keurig K3000 SE

Keurig B-Series:
Keurig B31
Keurig B40
Keurig B44
Keurig B50
Keurig B60
Keurig B66
Keurig B70
Keurig B76
Keurig B77
Keurig B79
Keurig B130
Keurig B140
Keurig B145
Keurig B150
Keurig B155
Keurig B3000SE

Glorybrew coffee pods will NOT fit Keurig Vue or Keurig RIVO espresso machines.

How do I redeem a coupon code?

Please complete your order as follows:

Once you have placed the packs you wish to buy in your cart, click on the shopping cart icon and proceed to checkout You will find the "Coupon Code" field before entering in payment information. Enter the coupon code into the empty field, and click the 'Apply' button.

How do I contact someone about my order?

If you wish to speak with someone about your order, please contact our customer service by e-mail by using the contact form and state the reasons for your complaint (along with order number if applicable). The Glorybrew - Gourmesso Team will then contact you as quickly as possible.